In The Shop – Vintage Watches: A 1960s Gallet MultiChron Yachting ‘Big Eye’ Chronograph, A 1976 Rolex Explorer, And A 1960s Zodiac Aerospace GMT

In The Shop – Vintage Watches: A 1960s Gallet MultiChron Yachting ‘Big Eye’ Chronograph, A 1976 Rolex Explorer, And A 1960s Zodiac Aerospace GMT

It’s that day of the week again, and today we are once again offering up the latest and greatest vintage watches to come across our desks. We’ve got everything from a classic Rolex Explorer ref. 1016 and a funky Omega Speedmaster Mark II to a pair of timepieces from Gallet and Zodiac that you’ve likely never seen before. 

Trust us, you’re going to love it. 

1960s Gallet MultiChron Yachting ‘Big Eye’ Chronograph With Black Dial

Gallet released many different chronographs over the years, a number of which are highly collectible for their compelling designs and interesting features. One of the more rare models is the MultiChron Yachting Chronograph with a red-and-blue “Big Eye” regatta countdown register, color-coded in order to time the start of a sailing race. The Yachting Chronograph itself is rare, but variants with a black dial like today’s watch are particularly unusual. This black dialed example is in great condition and has a beautiful overall aesthetic, with attractive features like the asymmetrically shaped pair of engine turned sub-dials and the nicely aged lume on the dial. The silvered sub-dials contrast nicely against the black dial, and the countdown register at three o’clock really provides this watch with an exceptional look.

1976 Rolex Explorer Ref. 1016

The Rolex Explorer is one of those watches that could easily check all the boxes in a “one watch” collection. The Explorer can be both sporty and casual, and it truly goes with everything thanks to its minimalist styling. When this model debuted in 1953, it was meant to be a watch fit for any adventure, legible at a glance, and, of course, waterproof with the use of Rolex’s famed Oyster case design. The proportions are just plain great on these vintage 1016s, with the thin case and 20mm lugs – everything just works like it should. Watches like today’s example are the reason vintage Explorers continue to grow in popularity, year after year. 

1960s Zodiac Aerospace GMT Ref. 752 934B For The Middle Eastern Market

In the world of vintage watches, the little details can make a big difference. Here we have a Zodiac Aerospace GMT from the 1960s that was specifically made for the Middle Eastern market, with Eastern Arabic numerals on the bezel and the Zodiac brand name written in Arabic on the bottom half of the dial. Very, very few of these have ever made it to market (it is estimated that less than 10 of these are known to the watch community), and finding one in good condition like this watch is a nearly impossible task. Some other differences between this example and the more standard versions of the Aerospace GMT include the burgundy hour and minute hand and burgundy bezel. 

The Full Set

In addition to the three beautiful watches above, we have a Rolex Datejust with a linen dial from 1977 and an Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark II from 1970 in the HODINKEE Shop today. You can check them out for yourself, right here


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