Is Ken Block Possibly The Best Quarantine Dad?

Is Ken Block Possibly The Best Quarantine Dad?

Today, we’re not going to focus so much on a supercar or hypercar. Instead, we’re going to focus on how a parent is spending quarantine time with one of his kids.

Well, one specific parent and one specific kid. Ken Block, for those who do not know, is a co-founder of DC Shoes that sold all of his ownership in the company to pursue his motorsports dreams.

He then started Hoonigan Racing, originally the Monster World Rally Team, and has participated in multiple WRC, ARA, and local rallies in a variety of modern and classic rally cars. Most recently, he has been rallying in a modified 1992 Ford Escort Sierra RS Cosworth.

Ken Block Ford Escort Sierra RS Cosworth
Ken Block during the “Cossie World Tour” of rallies, where he took his 1992 Ford Escort Sierra RS Cosworth to compete in multiple rallies

He is probably most famous for the Gymkhana YouTube videos, where he drifts, slides, and rallies cars around city roads, airfields, and pretty much anywhere a car can be driven. In one particularly memorable version, Gymkhana 5, he tore around San Francisco in one of the first variations of the MS-RT Fiesta RS rally cars.

Lia Block learns to do donuts
The Master teaches The Apprentice…

His oldest daughter, Lia, is 13. And during the lockdown, he’s been teaching her the ins and outs of “Hooning about.” She already has a start in competitive driving, achieving a few podium finishes in the UTV class of junior rallycross. However, she has never driven a manual… until a couple of days before Ken Block dropped the video below!

Moving from a Ford Focus RS to a Hoonigan-spec Ford Escort Mk II, which placed 5th in our own list of all-time greatest rally cars made, is a big step.

Lia Block learns to do donuts
… and The Apprentice learns quickly!

However, as you will see, after some instruction from her dad, she only takes a few tries to get the car to start doing donuts. And that is why Ken Block may be the best quarantine dad: who doesn’t like to be taken out for some delicious donuts?

Lia Block learns to do donuts
Delicious donuts were had!

Side note: It probably also helps that her dad is a multimillionaire, so she can shred the rear tires without too much worry…

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