Best of Watchville: Watchonista On Identifying A Watch By Its Hands

Best of Watchville: Watchonista On Identifying A Watch By Its Hands

When it comes to watches, the word “iconic” gets used quite often. One popular definition of an icon is “a sign whose form directly reflects the thing it signifies.” On today’s Best of Watchville, the team over at Watchonista gives us a fun article that fits with that exact idea. They took the premise that many watches can be easily identifiable by their hands and turned it into a challenge to see if readers can guess a watch just by looking at an illustration of its handset. 

You might guess some of the pieces instantly, but there are a few doozies in there as well. With the reveal of each watch, the article provides a brief history as well as some background and technical specifications. The illustrations are set against bright and colorful backdrops with faithfully executed renderings of the hand designs. This is the type of material that can be enjoyed by seasoned collectors and beginners alike.

The article is an especially good read for a long holiday weekend, so put your knowledge to the test and give this challenge a try over at Watchonista.

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