Revisiting The Watch That Came In From The Cold

Revisiting The Watch That Came In From The Cold

In recognition of Memorial Day, we take a look at a story that combines military heritage, espionage, heroics and, of course, watches. The focus is on Norman Schwartz, a Marine fighter pilot who flew covert missions for the CIA, and the unfortunate aftermath of an extraction mission gone wrong. The article follows the mission itself, the individuals involved, and the story of a truly unique Rolex watch. The story really gets to the core of how watches can serve as keepers of memories, and on Memorial Day, there is no better time to showcase that. 

This deep and detailed piece, written by Cole Pennington, originally appeared in HODINKEE Magazine Vol. 5.  There is also an accompanying recorded reading of the story (by Cole, himself) that I highly recommend you listen to. This is a thorough and fascinating look at a forgotten piece of Cold War history and the role a very special watch played in it all.

Click here to read: “The Watch That Came In From The Cold.”


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