Best of Watchville: What’s The Attraction To Mesh Watch Bracelets?

Best of Watchville: What’s The Attraction To Mesh Watch Bracelets?

Over on Quill & Pad, Elizabeth Doerr has penned an interesting article about one of the most popular types of watch bracelets for enthusiasts. When I saw this story on Watchville, I immediately clicked on it. While I’ve never owned any watches on mesh bracelets, also known as Milanese bracelets, they’ve long been a subject of my interest and curiosity. 

I think a Milanese bracelet can add a dash of old-world, rakish charm to just about any watch. When I think of this type of bracelet in its ideal form, I tend to imagine it securing a vintage chronograph with pump pushers to my suntanned left wrist, just below a rolled linen shirtsleeve, as I pilot a wooden speedboat down a long stretch of Lake Como. Or I think of the late Gianni Agnelli, one of the most stylish men of the last century, who wore his Omega Seamaster Ploprof over a shirtsleeve.

The quality and price of  mesh bracelets can vary considerably; they can come on watches costing as little as a few hundred dollars and as much as a few hundred thousand. What kind of work goes into making a fine mesh bracelet? What are the origins of this stylish watch accessory? Elizabeth answers these questions in an article that has me wanting to seek out and buy a watch with this type of bracelet in time to enjoy it this summer. 

Check out the article over at Quill & Pad.

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