In The Shop – In The Shop: Five Of The Most Anticipated G-SHOCKs Of The Year

In The Shop – In The Shop: Five Of The Most Anticipated G-SHOCKs Of The Year

G-SHOCK was born in 1983 as a means to an end; it was an unpretentious, practical tool for timekeeping that could handle the rigors of modern life. The original brand DNA has been strenuously maintained, but it’s also undergone a radical shift in functionality. You can now purchase a seemingly endless amount of G-SHOCK models and variants that offer all sorts of specialized capability for one purpose or another. Today, G-SHOCK produces one of the most comprehensive and extensive watch collections, and the brand continues to evolve, improving its designs and functionalities in meaningful ways.

With the continuous growth in capability, most recently highlighted by the introduction of the heart rate sensor-equipped Move GBDH1000, there has been an equal amount of attention placed on the development of the brand’s aesthetic and material sensibilities. We’re adding five new G-SHOCK watches to the HODINKEE Shop that do all of the above and more, ranging from extensions in the Move family to a new, limited release in the “Full Metal” line-up that echoes 1980s pop culture. To top it off, we’re also stocking what many are considering the most impressive G-SHOCK dive watch ever. These five watches are a few of our favorite G-SHOCK releases of 2020, and you can check them all out, right here

G-SHOCK GMWB5000CS-1 ‘Full Metal’ Black IP-Coated Stainless Steel With ‘Grid Tunnel’ Pattern

G-SHOCK enthusiasts had been waiting for years for a stainless steel take on the brand’s emblematic “square” design, so it’s no surprise that the introduction of the first G-SHOCK “Full Metal” watch in 2018 was an immediate success. Since the collection’s debut, G-SHOCK has begun iterating on the concept in various non-numbered, limited releases that are produced for only a few months at a time.

The latest one to be announced is a black IP-coated watch that has undergone a unique laser-engraved treatment to reveal what G-SHOCK is calling a “Grid Tunnel” pattern. The surface of the stainless steel case and bracelet has received an ion-plating treatment, not unlike other “Full Metal” models, which is then laser etched to create a grid-like pattern. The lines you see on the watch are actually the stainless steel surface visible underneath the black-IP coating. G-SHOCK has placed a greater emphasis on its case finishing in recent years with the exclusive MR-G line, and we’re starting to see that approach trickle down into offerings like the GMWB5000CS-1. The grid pattern stretches across nearly every visible front angle of the watch, from the case design to the bracelet, and it is further complemented by a negative digital display and DLC coating on the caseback. 

G-SHOCK is a product of the 1980s, and the GMWB5000CS-1 recalls the retro-futurism movement that was beginning to take hold in art and pop culture at the time. Films like Steven Lisberger’s TRON made their way to the big screen, and home computers and video game consoles began to proliferate in households around the world. It was a time of newfound appreciation for how one could interact with technology, and how it could improve everyday life. G-SHOCK, with its unbreakable form factor and digital displays, is one of the rare brands to be born in that era that has maintained a similar cultural cache over the decades; the brand is still regarded for its impressive robustness and general accessibility. While the GMWB5000CS-1, like all the “Full Metal” models, is intended to evoke the look of the original “square” DW5000C, G-SHOCK has rendered it in a way that feels refreshingly original rather than a retread of an older design. 

The “Full Metal” models are not only remarkable for the application of stainless steel as a case metal, but also for the presence of some of G-SHOCK’s most significant technical features. That’s right: You receive nearly the full suite of G-SHOCK complications with each “Full Metal” model, and the GMWB5000CS-1 is no exception. That means Bluetooth connectivity, Tough Solar charging, Full Auto LED, and Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping, in addition to all the standard G-SHOCK attributes you know and love. 

G-SHOCK GWFA1000 Master Of G Frogman With Analog Dial

While every G-SHOCK is built to withstand an impressive amount of wear and tear, the Master of G collection is unique in that it’s designed to push the brand even further, with watches specifically intended for professional use. We currently stock models from this purpose-built family within the Mudmaster and Rangeman lines, and today, we’re adding the latest additions to the brand’s specialty dive watch: the Frogman. 

At first glance, it might be difficult to reconcile the idea that the Frogman, which features a fixed bezel, is in fact a fully certified dive watch (to the ISO-6425 standard, to be exact). G-SHOCK worked around the standard dive watch convention of a unidirectionally rotating bezel by building a special “Dive Mode” for the watch that needs to be engaged prior to use. When Dive Mode is enabled, the hour and minute hands change position until the minute hand rests directly on top of the hour hand and both are aligned at 12 o’clock (check out this video for an example of the Dive Mode in action). This new display visually functions as a single minute hand, which can then be used to easily track elapsed time underwater and during decompression stops. While all this is happening, the current time remains visible in the eight o’clock sub-dial (which usually serves as a second time-zone display). This entire process allows for at-a-glance legibility and a more intuitive way of measuring elapsed time underwater. Dive Mode can also be used to log surface interval time between multiple dives. 

The dial of the Frogman incorporates further information, as well. There’s the second time-zone display we mentioned at eight o’clock and a tide indicator (useful for any frequent beachgoer, including surfers) at three o’clock. A 24-hour indicator that is connected to the central handset – which can also function as a passive AM/PM display – completes the dial at 10 o’clock. While the watch’s design retains the asymmetrical structure that has long characterized the Frogman collection as a whole, this latest iteration features the first application of solely analog hands, which are filled with a significant amount of luminescent material. The crystal is also built from scratch-proof sapphire, unlike the mineral glass of most G-SHOCKs, that is finished with a non-reflective coating. And if you’re not used to the concept of analog G-SHOCKs, it’s worth noting that while, yes, the brand is perhaps best known for its digital watches, G-SHOCK has included analog timepieces in its collections since the late 1980s.

The strap features a large number of perforations to fit every wrist. 

The case of the Frogman is built in monocoque fashion, a term that means the case and caseback are made from a single unit. The case itself utilizes carbon fiber-reinforced resin, which G-SHOCK says has a low water absorption coefficient and resists hydrolysis. The use of carbon represents the latest extension of G-SHOCK’s “Carbon Core Guard” technology, and here reduces the weight of the new watches by up to 22 grams compared to previous Frogman models. The strap is made of a special fluoroelastomer property, which is more resistant to dirt and chemicals and also has a lower water absorption coefficient than the silicone or resin straps found on most G-SHOCKs. The result of all these factors combined is 200 meters of water resistance, meeting ISO standards.

The Frogman’s recessed buttons can be operated underwater, thanks to triple gasket fittings, and are large enough to be engaged while wearing gloves. The crown screws down.

G-SHOCK created a brand new interior module for the updated Frogman, which utilizes three dual-coil motors for fast and efficient resetting of each mode. The watches also boast a bevy of G-SHOCK’s latest and greatest innovations, including Bluetooth connectivity, Tough Solar charging, and Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping. Through the G-SHOCK Connected smartphone app, you can make all the usual adjustments to the watch but you can also access and utilize a pair of settings that are unique to the Frogman: a Dive Log and Tide Mode. The Dive Log allows you to mark places you’ve dived as well as the time, date, and number of dives in that specific location. In Tide Mode, you can quickly access approximately 3,000 different locations worldwide to immediately find tide information, which is then indicated in the three o’clock display on the dial.

The Frogman was introduced in 1993 and has maintained a presence in G-SHOCK’s line-up ever since, and this is the most feature-heavy and functional interpretation of the watch yet. It’s available in two different designs, either with a black or blue strap, for $ 800 each.


G-SHOCK announced the Move series earlier this year as its first serious entry into the genre of health and fitness trackers. It was headlined by the release of two GBDH1000 models that were fully equipped with a heart-rate sensor and GPS tracking for exercise. It was a big step for G-SHOCK in embracing the era of wearables while retaining its signature tough-as-nails design. Those new models have received the greatest amount of attention within the Move range, but G-SHOCK also added the GBD100, a secondary option within the collection that was a little less heavy of features – there is no heart rate monitor, solar power, or GPS tracking, for example – but was slimmer, more affordable, and no less configured to help you live your best life. 

The GBD100 does share a similar design to the more feature-rich GBDH1000; an identical memory in pixel (MIP) LCD display is used on both. It also features an accelerometer for tracking your daily steps as well as your precise distance, speed, and pace during a run, but it does not include the rest of G-SHOCK’s Triple Sensor features (meaning no thermometer, altimeter, or barometer). Continuous smartphone connectivity is enabled through Bluetooth, which allows the watch to offer vibration alerts and notifications for incoming calls, emails, messages, and reminders. The new GBD100 series is the most affordable G-SHOCK option yet with this functionality. The smartphone app has the capability to create a unique training log which, while not as robust as that of the GBDH1000, will maintain data covering up to 100 runs, allow for interval training time, and help you set and maintain specific training goals. The Move GBD100 will automatically correct its time, to the second, when connected to a smartphone. 

And here’s the best part: The GBD100 offers all this while maintaining a two-year battery life. That’s a significant number compared to most of today’s smartwatches, which may offer similar functionality, but require daily or weekly charging. Two GBD100 watches are now available, both priced at just $ 150, with either blue accents and a white strap or red accents and a black strap.

Discover The Latest G-SHOCK Releases In The HODINKEE Shop

In addition to the five new G-SHOCKs mentioned above, we also recently restocked a number of our most popular G-SHOCK watches, including models from the Mudmaster, 6900, and GA700 lines. You can check out our entire G-SHOCK collection at our dedicated brand page, right here


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