In The Shop – Announcements: The HODINKEE Shop Is Now An Authorized Apple Watch Retailer

In The Shop – Announcements: The HODINKEE Shop Is Now An Authorized Apple Watch Retailer

Today is an exciting day for the HODINKEE Shop, and we hope you’ll appreciate it just as much as you have the thousands of watches, straps, books, and accessories we’ve sold over the years. Since the earliest days of the HODINKEE Shop, we’ve made it clear we would only ever stock products that we personally believe in – products that matter and that we would own ourselves. We know as well as you do that fantastic watches come in all shapes and sizes, and all we’ve ever wanted with HODINKEE is to share our genuine enthusiasm for those watches and to introduce them to as many people as possible. In our opinion, Apple Watch is one of the best ways to do that. 

We’re extremely proud to announce the HODINKEE Shop is now an Authorized Retailer for Apple Watch, as well as for a curated selection of Apple Watch accessories, which you can discover right here. This is big news, and we’re thrilled to share it with you today.

What Apple Watch Means To Us

Apple Watch changed the narrative of what a watch can be, and it has had a greater impact on the perception of watches as personal possessions than any other watch in history. Because of Apple Watch, more people than ever before are using watches as tools for work and for pleasure, for travel and for communication. It’s something we think is – and will continue to be – truly amazing for watches as a whole, which is an opinion we’ve shared with you many times. 

HODINKEE had an early glimpse of Apple Watch – our founder and CEO, Ben Clymer, was the only member of a watch-focused publication invited to Apple’s keynote presentation in September 2014, when Apple Watch was unveiled to the world for the first time. As the sole representative of traditional mechanical watchmaking in that audience, Ben was able to apply an individual and original perspective to our initial coverage that was unlike any other outlet covering the event. That article remains one of the most popular stories ever published on HODINKEE: Apple Watch not only struck a chord with us, but clearly with many of you as well. 

There is nothing that comes close to the fluidity, attention to detail, or simple build quality found on Apple Watch in this price bracket.

Benjamin Clymer, A Watch Guy's Thoughts On The Apple Watch After Seeing It In The Metal, HODINKEE, 2014

Since then, Apple Watch, in its subsequent generations, has found a home on the wrists of many HODINKEE staffers. We wear it in tandem with our mechanical watches. We’ve examined the beauty of its various complications that are born out of respect for its mechanical forebears. We even interviewed Sir Jonathan Ive, then the Chief Design Officer of Apple, for the cover story of the HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 2. We think – quite sincerely – that Apple Watch is one of the most significant technological contributions of the 21st century. And we’re not alone.

Seriously, how fantastic is that? That a watch, a device developed centuries ago as an object of necessity, born to give physical representation to something as conceptual as the passage of time, is able to continue to impact our daily lives. Apple inserted the wristwatch into the global conversation in a way it has never been before, beginning an unexpected, but entirely essential, new chapter in the history of watchmaking. It’s the latest expression of what a watch can be and what it can do on the wrist, and it’s only getting better with time. 

Introducing Apple Watch Series 5

We’re launching our inaugural assortment of Apple Watch products today with the latest edition of Apple Watch, the Series 5

We’ve witnessed Apple Watch evolve throughout the years, and it’s become apparent that this is the watch the future promised us. It’s a technological marvel that will not only live with you unlike any other device, but also will make your life better. With each successive generation, Apple has refined and improved the ownership experience, and with Apple Watch Series 5, you now have the whole package, including best-in-class health monitoring, unparalleled communication capabilities, and, of course, hundreds of different options for indicating the time. 

Most importantly, Apple Watch Series 5 is customizable in nearly an infinite amount of ways; it all depends on how you formulate the watch for yourself. If you want to use it solely as a fitness and health tracker – go right ahead. If you want to filter the amount of notifications you receive to a single app, you have that option, too. If you just want to use your Apple Watch as a passive weather monitor – more power to you. There is a nearly unprecedented amount of functionality and complications at your fingertips that allow you to personalize your Apple Watch in a way only you know how. 

If we can help make some people realize that it’s cool to wear something on your wrist again, that’s a win for us and for every watch lover.

Sir Jonathan Ive, former Chief Design Officer of Apple, In the HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 2

If you recall back to HODINKEE’s coverage of Series 5 when it was first announced, the discussion was largely driven by the addition of an “always-on” screen. This was a game-changer. No longer would Apple Watch exist as a blank black screen on your wrist; it instead lives concurrently with you during your day-to-day for at-a-glance use. Whether you prefer an analog or digital screen, a health tracking display, or one that combines all this information and more into a one-of-a-kind personal dashboard, Apple Watch Series 5 broke new ground and helped reach a larger audience than ever before. 

We’ve spent time with every iteration of Apple Watch so far, and we’ve put the know-how we’ve gained to good use by curating a special selection of our favorite Apple Watch Series 5 models for your consideration. We’ve only selected what we believe to be the best of the current line, meaning all the options in the HODINKEE Shop feature GPS and cellular connectivity. You’ll be able to choose from options in aluminum or stainless steel, in a number of different colorways, including Gold and Space Black, and a wide variety of band options too, from the fan-favorite Milanese Loop to one of Apple’s colorful Sport Bands or Sport Loops. We also gathered an assortment of all the accessories you might need to best use your Apple Watch, from charging cables and docks to AirPods. We have to have AirPods, right?

Discover Apple Watch In The HODINKEE Shop

With Apple Watch, a whole new world of possibilities has opened for how we appreciate the watches on our wrists. It’s the perfect illustration of why we’ve dedicated our lives to learning and talking about watches and watchmaking, and we believe Apple Watch to be the ideal complement to any well-considered watch collection. 

There is room and appreciation for all kinds of watches on our wrists and in our lives, and we invite you to learn more about Apple Watch today in the HODINKEE Shop


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