Sunday Rewind: The History Of FPJ Tourbillons (By FPJ Himself)

Sunday Rewind: The History Of FPJ Tourbillons (By FPJ Himself)

This past week, we saw a pair of special watches from F.P. Journe hammer for an incredible amount of money at Phillips Geneva Watch Auction XI. One of the two models was a Souscription Tourbillon Souverain, and the bidding on this bad boy (lot 101) went all the way to an impressive $ 1,400,000. That’s a huge result and, while Journe’s watches have always been collectible, a 7-figure lot would suggest things are definitely heating up. 

For some context on these results (and a closer look at what makes F.P. Journe watches so special), we thought it might be fun to rewind the clocks to September 2016 when Ben published a Reference Points on the history of Journe Tourbillons as told by the man himself, F.P. Journe. It is a story as distinctive and detailed as the watches he makes, and it’s interesting to look back less than 30 years and find a watch collecting world that pre-dates our own by several fast-paced and dynamic generations. 

Click here to read: “Reference Points: The Complete History Of The F.P. Journe Tourbillon, As Told By Francois-Paul Journe Himself”. 


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