Sunday Rewind: The Watches Of Polar Exploration

Sunday Rewind: The Watches Of Polar Exploration

If you got to the end of Danny’s wondrously exhaustive look at the 14270 Rolex Explorer and wanted more exploration-style content, we got you – just head for the poles. In this post most Heaton, grab your heaviest jacket and your glacier goggles and take a frostbitten look at a handful of watches that have seen actual use at the North and South Poles. 

Polar exploration is among the world’s most difficult pursuits, and part of the challenge comes in finding gear that can take the endless abuse and keep on ticking. From funky Yemas and classic Speedmasters to Kobolds and mega-cool Panerais, you won’t need air conditioning while you catch up with this polarizing post. 

Click here to read: “Winterproof: Polar Explorers And the Watches They Wore (And Are Wearing). 


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