G-Shock Gets Industrial With New GA900 Family

G-Shock Gets Industrial With New GA900 Family

Casio doesn’t mess around when it comes to their G-Shock line of watches. These things have made a name for themselves as being nigh indestructible since hitting the scene in 1983. It’s kinda their thing. The latest addition to the G-Shock stable, the GA900 series, continues this trend in full on industrial style. The GA900 collection kicks off with three new references that bring vibrant colorways to the new construction. They’re bold, brash, and best of all, under $ 200. 

Three variants of the GA900

The GA900 watches are defined by their all new cases, which house the watch module, and provide easy access for strap changes. The GS900 case is decagonal at its edge, with 4 large hex screws securing the top portion to the underside, providing a carriage of sorts to house the new 5637 module within, which is unique to the GA900. Measurements aren’t for the faint of heart, clocking in at 52.8mm in diameter (though just 49.5mm lug to lug), and 16.9mm in height. The dial combines analog hands with digital displays for the bevy of complications at your disposal, such as world time; 5 daily alarms; 1/100th second stopwatch; and a 1/10th second countdown timer from 60 minutes.

The orange cloth strap of the GA900C-1A4

The case construction allows for a view through the mid section of the black resin outer structure, where you’ll find a colorful module case that corresponds to the strap and the knurled illumination button underneath the 6 o’clock position. It all comes together to provide 200m water resistance along with some serious shock resistance, all par for the course when it comes to G-Shock. 

Side view of the GA900

Standard versions of the GA900, available this September, will ship on resin straps in one of three colors (black, navy, or red), and will be priced at $ 120. For $ 10 more, you can jump into an orange cloth strap in the reference G900C-1A4, which will be available at the end of this month. The orange strap includes a patch on the buckle half, detailing the model and manufacturer. Finally, the reference GA900E-1A3, also available in August, will come on a black resin strap along with a green cloth strap that is interwoven with highly visible reflective yellow material, costing $ 160.

Find more details or shop the collection from Casio right here.

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