Sunday Rewind: The 1mm-Thick Movement

Sunday Rewind: The 1mm-Thick Movement

Citizen makes some really strange and wonderful watches, and the brand, famous for its development of Eco-Drive solar charging, has always had an eye for advanced technology. Earlier this week, Cole brought you a hands-on with Citizen’s Satellite Wave GPS F950 Titanium 50th Anniversary LE, a watch that packs a remarkable amount of tech into its 14.7mm-thick case. But what if you want something a bit easier to slide under your shirt cuff? As it turns out, Citizen does that too. 

Take a trip back with Jack to when, more than four years ago, he took a closer look at the Citizen Eco-Drive One, an impossibly low-profile solar-powered watch that sports a movement just 1mm thick. With a quick look at the history of ultra-thin watchmaking, allow Jack to give you the (ahem) skinny on this unique bit of innovation from Citizen. 

Click here to read: “Hands-On: The Citizen Eco-Drive One, An Ultra Thin Light-Powered Quartz Watch With A One MM Thick Movement.”


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