In The Shop – Shop Spotlight: The Top Everyday Carry Essentials For Fall 2020 In The HODINKEE Shop

In The Shop – Shop Spotlight: The Top Everyday Carry Essentials For Fall 2020 In The HODINKEE Shop

Today is the first day of September which, in the Northern Hemisphere, means the final days of summer are here, and fall is quickly approaching. For all of us at the HODINKEE Shop, the end of summer and the arrival of autumn signify more than a simple change in weather – the new season also impacts how we interact with our watches and the other objects around us on a daily basis. Sleeves grow longer, steel bracelets give way to leather straps, and the excesses of the summer months disappear. All of a sudden, we know exactly what we need – and what we don’t – to thrive on a daily basis. 

While a watch might be an obvious everyday companion, there are other items out there that might make or break your daily routines this fall. For example, a new pen might be the unexpected acquisition that makes all the difference for you at work, whether that’s in your home or at the office. What about some new reading material for those crisp, cool autumn nights? Or some wireless headphones to accompany you during your early morning jogs? In the spirit of the upcoming season, we decided today would be a good time to gather a few of our favorite watches, tools, and accessories in the HODINKEE Shop that we believe will help carry you through fall with ease.

A Pen For Every Occasion

The Embassy Pen in brass.

There is significant crossover between the pen collecting and watch enthusiast communities – which isn’t much of a surprise when you think about it. Who wouldn’t have guessed that the same people that appreciate watchmaking also enjoy the craftsmanship and design involved in creating high-quality pens? An important tactile appeal is found in both hobbies, as these are tools built with function in mind. You buy a pen to write with; you buy a watch to wear. Over the years, we’ve gradually expanded the amount of ballpoint and rollerball pens that are available in the HODINKEE Shop, and we think we now have a pen for every type of collector.

HODINKEE x Montblanc M Rollerball Pen With Leather Pouch

Did you know we teamed up with Marc Newson and Montblanc all the way back in 2016 to offer the Marc Newson-designed M Pen with an exclusive HODINKEE-branded, Montblanc-crafted leather pouch? It was one of our earliest collaborations, and it’s remained a favorite among the HODINKEE Shop team for its fluid lines and sleek silhouette – all elements that are characteristic of Newson’s design philosophy. One of our favorite features of the Montblanc M pen is the alignment of the clip with the “plateau” at the end of the barrel. No matter how you position the cap when closing the pen, a magnet pulls the clip to line up perfectly with the Montblanc logo at the base of the pen barrel. Priced exactly at $ 500, the HODINKEE x Montblanc M Rollerball Pen not only represents an entry-point into Marc Newson’s catalog of designs, but it’s also highly functional and comfortable to use – everything you might look for in an everyday office companion. See for yourself, right here.

Embassy Pen

The Embassy Pen in stainless steel.

Our famous Embassy Pens offer a robust and bold alternative to your typical ballpoint pen. Based on a pen design issued to U.S. government and military officials, the Embassy Pen is available in lightweight black aluminum (above), stainless steel, and brass. It’s fitted with an easy-to-refill, pressurized Fisher Space Pen Cartridge, which was originally developed for use during manned spaceflight and is world-famous for its ability to write pretty much anywhere – seriously. As we like to say in the HODINKEE Shop: The Embassy Pen might not be the last pen you’ll ever want, but it could easily be the last pen you’ll ever need. Pricing for the Embassy Pen starts at $ 90.

Here’s a tip: If you’re a fan of the patina that develops on vintage watches, opt for the Embassy Pen in brass. It will gain a slight patina – and loads of character – over years of use. 

Pendulum Pen

We like to consider the Pendulum Pen to be the Embassy Pen’s smaller sibling. That means it’s an extremely capable writing instrument that can handle whatever your daily lifestyle includes; it’s also fitted with a Fisher Space Pen Cartridge. Built from grade-five titanium and milled completely in the United States, the Pendulum Pen features a loop at its top which makes it easy to attach to a lanyard or key ring. The lightweight and slim design make it an excellent choice for use on-the-go – you’ll forget you have it on you, right up until you need it. It’s priced at $ 90, and is available right here

New Season, New Watch

Is it just us, or does the changing of the seasons make you want to switch up the watches in your daily rotation? Sometimes, you want a slim timepiece that will easily fit under any long sleeves. Sometimes, you want a bold and colorful watch that will catch your attention (and others’). And sometimes, you want a true multi-function quartz watch that can handle anything and everything. On that last note, we recently restocked nearly every G-SHOCK available in the HODINKEE Shop – click here to see what you’ve missed.

But if you’re after something that leans more on the mechanical side of things this fall, we’ve also just restocked a number of watches that were previously unavailable for quite some time – and they just so happen to be a perfect fit for fall. Check each of them out below.

Breitling Top Time Limited Edition

Back in March, we announced the very-first Breitling in the HODINKEE Shop: the Top Time Limited Edition. This vintage-inspired chronograph brought back a few of the design elements that Top Time watches from the 1970s were known for, and paired them with 21st-century proportions to excellent effect. The combination of the decimal scale on the dial, the black-on-white “Zorro” design surrounding the sub-dials, and the bright red accents made this watch a sure-fire winner. After selling out of our initial allocation quickly after introducing it, Breitling recently shared a few additional watches from the Top Time’s 2,000-piece run with us. You can grab one of these chronographs for $ 4,990, right here.

NORQAIN Independence 20 Limited Edition

It was only a few weeks ago that NORQAIN announced the Independence 20 Limited Edition, the first watch from the brand to be powered by the COSC-certified caliber NN20/1, a new movement that NORQAIN developed in partnership with Kenissi. Only 200 watches were made to commemorate the significance of this special release for the company, and they have now nearly sold out of the watch around the world. NORQAIN recently granted us access to a final batch of the Independence 20, which we’re excited to offer to you today. Available on either a bracelet, for $ 2,990, or with a leather strap, for $ 2,840 – you can pick yours up right here, before they’re gone for good. 

Oris Aquis Date

The Oris Aquis Date is one of the most diverse and value-driven dive watches out there. It combines a modern aesthetic with all-around attributes to make it a compelling choice regardless of your typical dive-watch preferences. It all starts with 300 meters of water resistance, bolted-on crown guards, and a ceramic bezel insert, which then results in a huge variety of dial color options to choose from – we’re talking everything from Mint Green to Ocean Blue – and three different case diameters (39.5mm, 41.5mm, and 43.5mm). There’s even a GMT variant if you prefer a more complicated dive watch. You can explore our entire range of Aquis Date dive watches right here

Here’s another tip: If you want an Aquis that is more on the unique and limited side of things, we recommend checking out the recently announced Aquis Date Lake Baikal Limited Edition. However, if you’re on the hunt for a modern dive watch that is a bit more affordable – but no less cool – check out the Aquis Date Relief

Straps, Tools, And Accessories

Any watch collector worth their salt will tell you that there is far more to watch collecting than simply watches – you need plenty of straps, tools, and accessories to go along with them, of course. Whether you want to try out a new leather strap on a recently acquired watch, or you’re ready to finally take the plunge on a high-end loupe, we’ve got you covered this fall in the HODINKEE Shop.

Silver Spring Bar Tool – Travel Size

One of the most in-demand products in the HODINKEE Shop is also one of the most unassuming. This pocket-sized spring bar tool is a perfect fit for nearly every occasion, from transporting it in your backpack or briefcase, to storing it in your desk at home. Its 60mm width contains both a forked and pointed tip, giving you more functionality-per-millimeter than pretty much any other watch tool out there. Unlike a regular strap changing tool with sharp, open tips, our miniature spring bar tool has two screwed end-caps that will protect anything the tool comes into contact with, while making sure neither tip dulls with time. Available right here for $ 45, this smaller, travel-ready Silver Spring Bar Tool comes with its own HODINKEE-branded leather carrying pouch.

Apple AirPods And AirPods Pro

AirPods obviously don’t require much of an introduction, but it’s worth mentioning that Apple’s proprietary wireless headphones were designed with the everyday-carry lifestyle in mind. Whether you own an Apple Watch or not, AirPods are the perfect complement to any Apple device, including your iPhone and iPad, and will pair quickly and easily allowing you to enjoy all your favorite albums, podcasts, and audiobooks wherever you are. From listening to music on a run to taking advantage of AirPods Pro’s renowned noise-canceling features, Apple AirPods are a hard-to-beat headphone for all-around use. The HODINKEE Shop is an Authorized Retailer of Apple Watch and other Apple accessories, including the original AirPods and AirPods Pro. Discover them for yourself, right here

Victorinox For HODINKEE Swiss Army Knives

Multi-purpose tools are an essential element to any everyday kit, which is why we partnered with Victorinox last year to develop two different versions of its iconic Swiss Army Knife. For $ 22, you can go for a HODINKEE-branded version of the original, seven-feature knife in black, which includes a stainless steel blade, a pair of scissors, a keyring, tweezers, a toothpick, and a flat-head screwdriver that also functions as a nail file. But for just a little more coin – $ 7 to be exact – you have the option of a Swiss Army Knife that was specifically designed for watchmakers. That’s right, for only $ 29, the Victorinox for HODINKEE Watchmaker Swiss Army Knife combines the stability of a large three-inch red handle with a curved stainless steel blade that will open even the most stubborn snap-on casebacks. 

Leather Watch Pouches

Our Leather Watch Pouches are a great way to protect and carry a single watch when it’s not on your wrist. Whether that’s at home in a drawer, or in your briefcase, a leather watch pouch will shield your watch from any accidental nicks or scratches. We currently have over 15 different leather pouch options available and in-stock, and they vary widely in everything from color to finish. For example, our Soft Leather Watch Pouches are crafted by hand for HODINKEE in the United States and are available in either hunter green, navy blue, or mustard yellow. On the other hand, our Smooth Leather Watch Pouches are handmade in Tuscany and are available in either orange, dark brown, light brown, dark grey, or black. And that’s just the start – there’s also English Suede Watch Pouches, Aged Leather Pouches, Distressed Leather Pouches, and one particularly popular colorway in camouflage. Our full-size Leather Watch Pouches start at $ 65, and you can pick a new favorite for yourself right here.  

Loupe System For HODINKEE

Is there a more quintessential everyday-carry item for a watch lover than a good loupe? And they don’t get much better than the Loupe System. If you’re not familiar with Loupe System, here’s a brief primer: This is the loupe used in the watch industry today. From Basel to Geneva, New York to Hong Kong, the Loupe System is one of the rare constants in the contemporary watch industry; it’s even regarded as the “Official Loupe” of the jurors of the annual Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. 

A side-by-side comparison of a standard loupe (left) and the Loupe System for HODINKEE (right).

Our collaboration with Loupe System utilizes a five-element lens system that is more comparable to a high-end camera than a standard loupe, which typically uses a single optical element for magnification. This framework remedies the optical distortions and chromatic aberrations commonly found on a run-of-the-mill loupe, providing a remarkable clarity that allows you to fully comprehend whatever object is placed underneath it. We first unveiled our collaboration with Loupe System a few years ago, and it has since sold out time-and-time again. We recently received a restock of our Loupe System in the 6x magnification, which means the time is now to pick up a new loupe – we promise you won’t regret it. Click here to learn more 

Watch Straps

The matte color options that populate our Sedona strap collection are perfect for fall.

The change from summer to fall also means it’s time to gravitate toward the watches with leather straps in your collection, or to change out the bracelet on your watch for a leather strap. Leather straps just make sense in the fall and winter months, and luckily, in the HODINKEE Shop, you have plenty of options to choose from. We recently broke down all the HODINKEE Shop strap offerings in this Shop Spotlight, or you can go ahead and pick out a new leather strap for yourself from over 150 options, right here

Fall Reading

While there’s never not a good occasion to get some quality reading in, we might suggest fall is the best time of year for it. Why? Well, it’s still warm enough to enjoy a book outside, while the temperature has dropped enough to where you can bring a cup of hot coffee or tea with you. These three book and magazine suggestions will make the perfect addition to your fall reading list. 


On the heels of the recent announcement that the HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 1, has been reprinted after being out of stock for nearly two years, we’d like to acknowledge that this is the first time – ever – that all six editions of the HODINKEE Magazine are available to purchase at once. Whether you missed out on a single issue or two at some point down the line, or you haven’t yet picked up a copy, there’s no time like the present to dig into our biannual premium print publication. 

And don’t forget – HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 7, will be released later this year, and a HODINKEE Magazine subscription will ensure that you’re one of the first to receive a copy (and at a discounted price, too!). Learn more about the HODINKEE Magazine, here

Time To Race

John Goldberger’s latest book release places a spotlight on the world shared by watches and motorsport, by delving directly into the personal timepieces owned by over 90 different racing icons. Those names include everyone from Enzo Ferrari and Carroll Shelby, to Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Alongside co-author and acclaimed Italian motorsport journalist Cesare Maria Mannucci, Goldberger spent years researching the world’s most celebrated historical drivers, the circuits they raced on, the watches that accompanied them as tools on the track, and the brands that supplied them. It’s all brought together in Time To Race, a book that spans nearly 500 pages and 1,500 images.

Watches: A Guide By HODINKEE

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a whole year since we published our very first book, Watches: A Guide By HODINKEE, in partnership with Assouline. Each chapter was written by a HODINKEE editor, so you can enjoy a fresh perspective on each topic, which range from dive watches, to travel-time watches, military watches, ladies’ watches, dress watches, and chronographs. Priced at just $ 85, we think this is one of the best buys out there for a brand-new watch book, which makes it an excellent gift for the watch lover (even if that’s yourself!) in your life.

Discover More Fall Favorites In The HODINKEE Shop

The start of a new season is refreshing for so many reasons, not the least of which is the prospect of new-watch launches to come. And you can trust us, a whole lot of exciting new products and watches are coming down the pipeline the rest of the year, but there’s also plenty of time to discover more of what’s out there right now. From watches – both vintage and contemporary – to tools, accessories, and straps, it’s all here in the HODINKEE Shop.


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