Sunday Rewind: Stopping The Tourbillon

Sunday Rewind: Stopping The Tourbillon

Not all tourbillons are created equal. To get the inside story on just what it takes to make a tourbillon with a stop-seconds mechanism, look no further than this arresting post from Jack as he delves into the technical warrants of a tourbillon and why a halting mechanism seems entirely crucial to the tourbillon’s original intent. 

Originally published more than four years ago, while the tourbillon is sometimes applied as little more than ornamentation on the road to making a watch feel more special, the history of the tourbillon (and its technical merits) is not to be overlooked. It’s a wonder that it took the watch world so long to develop ways of stopping the tourbillon for increased accuracy when synchronizing the watch with a given reference. For both the why and the how of such a small but useful evolution of the tourbillon, hit the link below. 

Click here to read: “Technical Perspective: Stopping The Whirlwind: Four Tourbillons With Stop Seconds, And Why That Matters”.


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