In The Shop – Vintage Watches: A 1972 Heuer Skipper, A 1969 Omega Speedmaster Professional, And A 1968 Patek Philippe

In The Shop – Vintage Watches: A 1972 Heuer Skipper, A 1969 Omega Speedmaster Professional, And A 1968 Patek Philippe

The Wednesday vintage drop in the HODINKEE Shop is here, and this week, we’ve really got the goods. There’s a diverse group of eight watches up for grabs with a few common threads that tie them all together. You can choose from a pair of 1960s dress watches with integrated bracelets, one in 18k yellow gold and another in stainless steel, or maybe opt for a new-to-you chronograph, including a Heuer yacht timer, a classic Speedmaster, a Wittnauer with a beautiful burgundy bezel, and a gold-plated Breitling. Rounding us out today is a time-only Breguet from the late 1980s, prior to the company’s acquisition by the Swatch Group. Enjoy!

1968 Patek Philippe Ref. 3445/6 In 18k Yellow Gold With Integrated Bracelet

Patek Philippe debuted the ref. 3445 in 1961, and it remained in production until approximately 1985. This was the Swiss firm’s first wristwatch to feature an in-house automatic movement with a date complication, the caliber 27-460. Patek Philippe offered this reference in yellow, pink, and white gold as well as platinum; there were also a number of dial variations. The ref. 3445 seen here dates to 1968 and features a lavish all-gold execution. Everything is made from solid 18k yellow gold, from the dial and hands to the case and integrated mesh bracelet – we mean everything. 

1972 Heuer Skipper Ref. 1564 With Original Strap And Buckle

This Heuer Skipper is quite special for a few reasons. First, it was sourced directly from the family of the original owner after being found in a drawer. It’s also in beautiful, all original condition, with a dial that has retained its vibrant colors and a case that still has its sharp edges. Finally, it comes with its original strap and buckle.

Heuer produced the Skipper for a few years, and a number of different variations are known. This particular example is a ref. 1564 from 1972, which was the first Skipper to feature an automatic movement. Interestingly, the Heuer Skipper ref. 1564 shares an identical case to the Heuer Autavia ref. 1165 and has a metallic blue MH bezel. The Heuer Skipper is a watch we hold close to our hearts in the HODINKEE Shop, and this is truly one of the best examples we’ve ever come across.

1969 Omega Speedmaster Professional Ref. 145.022-68 ‘Transitional’

The Omega Speedmaster has remained in production since it was first released in 1957. Eleven years later, in 1968, the Speedmaster Professional ref. 145.022-68 was introduced in a short production run that lasted approximately a single year. Its brief history has given it the status of a “transitional” reference, which means it incorporates characteristics of the previous reference (ref. 145.012), as well as attributes that are better associated with later Speedmaster releases. This Speedmaster was the first to feature the manually wound caliber 861, which replaced the famous caliber 321, but it also retained the applied logo, the stepped dial, and the “pre-Moon” caseback found on the older ref. 145.012.

The Full Set

In addition to the three highlights above, we’re also updating the HODINKEE Shop today with a beautiful Breguet from 1989 with its original box and receipt, a fun IWC dress watch from the 1960s, an attractive two-tone Rolex Datejust ref. 16013 with an unusual “ghost” dial color, and a gold-plated Breitling chronograph from the 1970s. Head over to the HODINKEE Shop to view all eight new watches! 


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