In The Shop – In The Shop: The G-SHOCK MT-G ‘Volcanic Lightning’ Limited Edition

In The Shop – In The Shop: The G-SHOCK MT-G ‘Volcanic Lightning’ Limited Edition

G-SHOCK is best known for its practical and utilitarian timekeepers that are built to be used, no matter the circumstance. But in recent years, the Japanese brand has extended its function-first identity to be more inclusive, with greater emphasis placed on unique designs and exciting collaborations. While G-SHOCK previously matched the straightforward sensibilities of its durable digital timekeepers with muted tones, the company now makes deliberate use of color in impactful ways. You can now find a variety of dynamic color options throughout G-SHOCK’s expansive product portfolio.  

G-SHOCK may have outdone itself, however, with the recent release of its “Volcanic Lightning” Limited Edition inside the premium MT-G family. Inspired by a rare atmospheric phenomenon that can occur when a volcano erupts, the MTG-B1000VL is one of G-SHOCK’s most expressive and visually striking watches ever, and it’s now available in the HODINKEE Shop

The G-SHOCK MTG-B1000VL ‘Volcanic Lightning’ Limited Edition

While more and more brands hop on the blue-dial and green-dial bandwagon, a third color trend has quietly emerged and made its way across the watch industry. We are now seeing more watches than ever designed with a rainbow theme in mind. From colors introduced through world-class gem-setting techniques to revivals of popular 1960s models, watch design has never embraced the entire chromatic spectrum so comprehensively.

The MTG-B1000VL “Volcanic Lightning” Limited Edition isn’t G-SHOCK’s first foray into the rainbow landscape. We saw the brand experiment with multi-color design just last year, with the limited edition MT-G “Lunar Rainbow” that quickly sold out. The new MTG-B1000VL pushes the brand further, with an even bolder visual identity that utilizes an iridescent blue, purple, and gold ion-plating (IP) treatment on the watch’s bezel. G-SHOCK states that it drew inspiration for the watch’s appearance from volcanic lightning, an unexpected source compared to your traditional post-precipitation rainbow. (Alternatively, the gradient rainbow effect also reminds us of the burnt titanium exhaust tips found on certain Japanese domestic market-exclusive vehicles in the 1990s.)

A depiction of volcanic lightning. Image credit: Douglas Tofoli

Volcanic lightning occurs only after a volcano has erupted, when densely-packed particles in the ash-filled plume become electrically charged, forming bolts of lightning that strike into the erupting volcano below. G-SHOCK translated this dynamic atmospheric event to the MTG-B1000VL, with an eye on the unique colors that can become visible during an eruption. The dial is black, matching the color of the volcanic plume; the semi-translucent soft urethane strap is red, recalling the pulsating magma inside a volcano; and the multiple saturated hues found on the bezel are the result of a polychromatic IP coating that makes each MTG-B1000VL unique. Additionally, the screws on the bezel and the strap buckle and keeper feature a red-gold IP finish, while the inset dial ring has undergone a vapor deposition process that results in a unique blue-to-violet gradation. All of these color treatments are performed individually as each MTG-B1000VL is constructed, resulting in a group of G-SHOCKs with a distinctive and exclusive appeal.

The steel bezel of each MTG-B1000VL undergoes an individual IP-coating, which makes the rainbow pattern subtlety different in every execution.

G-SHOCK has also utilized its proprietary Carbon Core Guard structure on the MTG-B1000VL, which adds a new material to the brand’s standard resin and metal composition. The bezel, caseback, and lugs of the MTG-B1000VL are all made of steel, with an interior resin pocket that protects the movement module from damage. G-SHOCK has reinforced the resin interior with a layer of carbon fiber, adding significantly to the watch’s impact resistance. Although the MTG-B1000VL might look like a whole new type of G-SHOCK – with its rainbow design and analog display – it’s still a G-SHOCK at the end of the day, which means durability will always remain a priority.

While the color and finish of the case and bezel are brand new and represent a first for G-SHOCK, the watch operates similarly to previous releases in the MTG-B1000 series. The dial’s crosshatch-like finish is complex at first glance, but the information is arranged in a straightforward way that allows time to be read without issue. The bezel’s flange features the UTC codes of the cities that represent the world’s major time zones. The multi-function sub-dial at nine o’clock combines the day-of-the-week with a power-reserve and daylight saving time display as well as the mode indicator for the stopwatch (ST), countdown timer (TR), and alarm functions (AL). The six o’clock sub-dial shows the dual time-zone alongside a small, overlapping A.M./P.M. indicator to its right. A 24-hour display that occupies the 12 o’clock position is connected to the time on the central handset. Finally, a date aperture is located near four o’clock. 

As part of G-SHOCK’s high-end MT-G collection, the MTG-B1000VL also features all of the brand’s latest technical attributes, including Bluetooth connectivity to the G-SHOCK Connected smartphone app (available for iOS and Android), Tough Solar charging, and Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping. The light-powered movement module inside utilizes a five-motor drive that includes a dual-coil motor to drive each hand and handset independently.

The semi-translucent red strap is meant to evoke the magma inside a volcano.

The G-SHOCK MTG-B1000VL “Volcanic Lightning” is another exciting entry into the highly collectible world of G-SHOCK. While this new release is not a numbered edition, quantities are limited, and we expect our allocation to move quickly. You can learn more and purchase your G-SHOCK MTG-B1000VL for $ 1,100, right now in the HODINKEE Shop.


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