HODINKEE Radio: Episode 106: The Call-In Show, Volume 2

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Back in July, we did our very first call-in show, with Jack, James, and me taking turns answering the diverse array of questions that you all left as voicemails. We had a ton of fun and knew immediately that we needed to do another round. Well, the time has come. This time, I was able to sit down with Danny and Jon for our second go-around. We got a ton of great questions and barely scratched the surface of what came in. We cover a wide array of topics, from more micro discussions about particular watches, collecting strategies, and our favorite city-specific pieces to more macro explorations of things like the ethics of watch collecting and the longterm impact of this very strange year on the watch industry.

Is this the perfect watch for a trip to Kyoto?

We also want to keep the calls coming beyond today’s episode. The phone line remains open at +1 401-307-DINK (3465), so give us a ring and leave us a voicemail with that burning question you’ve always wanted to ask. The sooner we get a great batch of questions, the sooner we’ll do the next call-in show. Also, as a reminder, please keep the voicemail messages under 60 seconds, and be sure to give us your first name and/or your HODINKEE Community username so we can give you a shout-out. I can’t wait to dig into our next mailbag.

We hope you enjoy Episode 106 of HODINKEE Radio. Check out the show notes below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Show Notes

(3:17) Episode 80: Phil Toledano And Big Baselworld News

(6:00) Giuliano Mazzuoli Manometro

(9:30) Golden Ageing: Prince Michael Of Kent

(13:47) Jon’s SBGM221

(15:40) Danny’s First Watch

(18:00) The Cartier Tank Américaine In Steel

(20:00) A Brief History of Rolex Stella Dial Timepieces

(29:50) The Complete History Of The Robert Redford Submariner

(30:45) Robert Redford’s Doxa in Three Days of the Condor

(32:10) Matthew McConaughey’s Doxa in Sahara

(33:00) John Tucker Must Die

(34:30) On The Inside” From HODINKEE Magazine, Volume 5

(35:30) Fixer Upper

(59:00) The Watch, Thoroughly Revised

(1:03:00) Reference Points: Understanding The Rolex Submariner


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