Sunday Rewind: Inside Seiko Japan

Sunday Rewind: Inside Seiko Japan

Despite our ever-increasing dependence on technology and automation, watchmaking is still very much a handcraft, and it is always thrilling to see just how the human element can take all of the bare components and create something that any of us may one day wear on our wrist. With that in mind, today we are taking a look back to our 2015 tour of several Seiko locations in Japan. Seiko is a huge and complex company, but these are just a few of the places in which their watches become a reality. 

Originally published in May 2015 and complete with a full video and plenty of photos, this post covers special entry into two of Seiko’s manufacturing locations as well as a look at the brand’s museum in Tokyo. From Grand Seiko to Astron, Credor, and even more, it’s a close look at the intense and very detail-driven aspects of how Seiko creates watches of all varieties. 

Click here to read: “Inside The Manufacture: A Visit To Seiko Japan”. 


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