Introducing the DOXA Sub 200 C-Graph In 6 Colors

Introducing the DOXA Sub 200 C-Graph In 6 Colors

DOXA hasn’t been shy about expanding their new color palette across their Sub references, including new models like the Sub 300 we saw a few months ago. Today they return to the Sub 200 family with a new line called the C-Graph, which brings a chronograph complication to the more traditionally styled divers in all 6 colors. They are big, bold, and just in time for the last throes of warm weather. 

The Sub 200 C-Graph builds on a rich history of Doxa chronographs, which have appeared in their older, more formal offerings as well as their iconic dive watches in the T.Graph. The new C-Graph once again places the complication within the confines of a traditional dive watch. The color schemes on offer will look familiar if you’ve been paying attention to DOXA in recent months, they are the Professional (orange); Sharkhunter (black); Searambler (silver); Caribbean (navy); Divingstar (yellow); and Aquamarine (teal). 

The new C-Graph uses a steel case measuring 45mm in diameter, and 17.4mm in thickness. If you’re still reading, take solace in the fact that the lugs are trim and the lug to lug measurement is also listed as 45mm. It’s still a far cry from the 42mm the regular Sub 200 clocks in at, but this is a watch that makes no apologies for its presentation, and if you’re buying one to fly under the radar, well, that’s on you.

The dials offered on the C-Graph are color coordinated with the steel sapphire bezel inserts, though each features the same creamy off-white Super LumiNova. There is no date in sight so the symmetry of the dial is maintained. As is customary here, a beads of rice bracelet is offered alongside an FKM rubber strap matched to the color of the dial. 

Within the C-Graph beats a Selitta SW150 automatic chronograph movement with 48 hours of power reserve. The SW510 provides 3 registers to house the minute and hour totalizers along with the running seconds at 9 o’clock, which is differentiated by its square tip. 

The DOXA Sub 200 C-Graph is available now directly from DOXA right here for the price of $ 2,750 on rubber, and $ 2,790 on a steel beads of rice bracelet.

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