Watch Spotting: Bruce Springsteen Wearing A Vintage Heuer Autavia

Watch Spotting: Bruce Springsteen Wearing A Vintage Heuer Autavia

Turns out Bruce Springsteen wears a super cool Heuer Autavia ref. 1163, and on a bund strap no less. As spotted by the watch journalist Nick Gould, who goes by @niccoloy on Instagram, the Boss can be seen in the above photo rocking the classic C-shaped chronograph in a photo from the forthcoming Apple TV+ documentary, Bruce Springsteen’s Letter To You, which begins streaming on Oct. 23. Here’s the trailer in case you haven’t seen it yet (or in case you just want to get even more excited about it). 

The film isn’t out yet, but its release is pegged to Springsteen’s latest studio album – his twentieth, in fact – which the Boss is dropping on Friday with the help of his E Street Band colleagues. Now 71, Springsteen has been touring and recording since the 1970s. He’s a revered and beloved figure, a national treasure, and regarded by many as the patron saint of New Jersey. The one song I’ve heard from the album, Letter to You, is soulful and powerful, just as you’d expect; I’m signing up for Apple TV+ tonight so that I can check out the film.

Close up of the watch. (Apple TV+)

The photos I’ve been able to view of Springsteen’s bund-strapped Heuer are a bit fuzzy, but it’s definitely an Autavia. Over on his Instagram, our friend Jeff Stein of the OnTheDash said that it’s probably a Viceroy or an MH version. The red-accented Viceroy, which was a lower-priced version of the Autavia made as part of a promotion with Viceroy cigarettes, is today quite famous and collectible. A clearer image of it can be seen below.

The Heuer Autavia “Viceroy,” one possible version of the ref. 1163 that Springsteen was photographed wearing.

It’s possible the watch on the Boss’ wrist is a different version of the Autavia ref. 1163. I’ll update this story if we are able to make a definitive ID. And it turns out the Autavia is not the only watch Springsteen has been photographed wearing. On Instagram, Nick Gould has also spotted the Boss wearing a TAG Heuer Monaco.

Top photo: Apple TV+


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