Introducing the Sinn 105 St Sa & 105 St Sa UTC

Introducing the Sinn 105 St Sa & 105 St Sa UTC

Sinn is releasing a slew of new models to round out what’s been an eventful year for the brand. Among the new watches are the model 105, which is being offered in time and date configuration, as well with a 24 hour hand in the UTC model. The new 105 watches signal a new direction for the brand that builds on some of the themes we saw in the popular U50 (reviewed here). In softening some of the hard edges, the 105 presents what is perhaps Sinn’s most approachable design to date.

The 105 series builds on the classic pilot watch we see in the 104, using a similar case design and function set. The 105 defies such easy classification, however, presenting a modern design language that is more reductive than the traditional Sinn aesthetic. Calling it minimal may be a stretch, but it has certainly been paired down to the necessities. There are no ornate flourishes here, instead we find a laser like focus on practical usability. Has it come at the expense of the signature Sinn character we’ve come to know and love? There are two sides to that argument. 

The 105 in time and date configuration is represented by the St Sa (black dial) and St Sa W (white dial). The day and date apertures have been moved to vertical positions at 6 o’clock, with the day of the week stacked on top of the date. These are complications traditionally found at 3 o’clock, and seeing them positioned in a manner that maintains symmetry requires a small adjustment in use, but overall proves effective in presentation. Regardless of dial choice, the seconds hand provides the only pop of color to be found, appearing in bright orange with an oval shaped lume deposited at its tip. This model uses a Selitta SW220 automatic movement and measures in at 41mm in diameter with a thickness of 11.9mm.

The UTC model is also offered with either white or black dial, and while it loses the day of the week complication, it adds an orange 24 hour hand and a 24 hour bezel with which to use it. The orange hand will immediately draw comparisons to the Explorer II, of course, but that’s not a bad thing, and the Sinn offers a novel design in the 105 that won’t be mistaken for anything else. The UTC uses the same case at the time and date model, clocking in at the same 41mm in diameter and 11.9mm in thickness. The Selitta SW330 pulls duty for the 24 hour hand. 

The 105 presents a clean dial, with no markings other than the brand and “UTC” where needed. This level of restraint pays dividends in the legibility department, and allows the unique pill shaped hour markers and rounded hand tips to define the watch’s aesthetic. Even the case receives a bead blasting to push the focal point to the dial. The captive bezel gets Sinn’s TEGIMENT hardening technology and a Black Hard Coating, no steel options are present at launch. It’s not labeled on the dial, but the 105 gets a 200m depth rating as well. 

The 105 is a straightforward tool watch with pedigree. There’s no pretension here and we suspect the design will win over anyone who couldn’t get on board with the more edgy U50. The 105 is offered on leather or steel bracelet options, with pricing starting at $ 1,560 for the 105 on leather, and $ 1,850 on steel. The UTC model is priced from $ 1,830 on leather, and $ 2,110 on steel. More from Sinn.

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