Video Interview: Two New Limited Edition Watches from Laco

Video Interview: Two New Limited Edition Watches from Laco

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Laco is an historic brand that’s been refining their pilot watch aesthetic for generations. This year we’ve seen them refresh some of their greatest hits, and it’s opened them up to a whole new audience to discover. We had the chance to sit down with Chad Tsagris, Laco’s head of US sales to discuss new releases like the München Chronograph and the 95LE, both of which can be found in the Windup Watch Shop

The Laco München Chrono

The Laco 95LE

Both limited editions, the München Chronogrpah and 95LE show off two very different sides of the Laco catalog. The München builds on their iconic “original” pilot watch line, mixing true flieger styling with chronograph functionality. A smart play of color creates a watch that maintains legibility while adding complexity. The 95LE is then a highly exclusive casual watch in honor of the brand’s 95th anniversary. Powered by the venerable Unitas 6498, and featuring a metallic blue dial with wide type, the 95LE is a uniquely stylish hand-wound watch.

From their original flieger watches, to their newer more approachable watches of the same style, Laco has defined the genre in many ways, and have done so independently the whole way. If you’re curious to get a look at just how Laco operates these days and how they translate their historic designs for modern audiences you’ll find a lot to love. Enjoy!

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