Video Interview: Formex CEO Raphaël Granito

Video Interview: Formex CEO Raphaël Granito

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Formex have reestablished their brand this year with new branding and product design direction, and we see the first fruits of these efforts in the Reef dive watch, which we reviewed here. With this watch, the brand looks to open new roads for themselves, and we sat down with Formex CEO Raphaël Granito to discuss how. Granito reveals their manufacturing prowess and how they were able to create a watch like the Reef to such exacting standards. 

Some of the details of this watch might surprise you, such as the clasp mechanism which allows for easy adjustment, or the dial color and texture, which went through many variations to get just right. This is a welcome shift from Formex, and Granito sheds light on their process to provide this quality at accessible prices. Enjoy the video below!

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