In The Shop – Gift Guide: The HODINKEE Team’s 2020 Holiday Gift Picks

In The Shop – Gift Guide: The HODINKEE Team’s 2020 Holiday Gift Picks

We’re coming down to the wire with the holidays quickly approaching, and if you’re like us, you still need to find that perfect gift (or two) for your nearest and dearest. Here in the HODINKEE Shop, it’s been a busy few months, and we’ve been hard at work to bring you the best possible selection of watches, straps, books, and travel accessories out there. Our team couldn’t be more excited about what we have to offer this holiday season, including two new products launching today – the latest additions to G-SHOCK’s GA2100 “Casioak” line and four new styles of our popular Springs + Gears prints – both of which are highlighted in this guide. So, if you need some help finding the gift that’s just right for your special someone, check out what we have to say about these and more of our favorite products. 

As a quick reminder, the HODINKEE Shop is an authorized retailer of all the watch brands we carry, so you can be confident in your purchase. Each new watch comes with free shipping and returns, a complimentary extended year warranty, and digital paperwork storage. Read on to find out what some of our team members have their eyes on for themselves, or head over to the HODINKEE Shop right now to pick something out for yourself.

S.T. Dupont Lighter For HODINKEE

Andy Yang, VP, Commercial

Many moons ago, when I was just fresh out of college, I was completely mesmerized by the idea of becoming a discerning gentleman. Watches, tailored suits, and Scotch whisky quickly found their way into my life. On this journey, a mentor began to teach me about his appreciation for cigars and the world of beautifully crafted accessories around it. One of these accessories that stood out was an S.T. Dupont lighter; there is something elegant about the way it looks and feels in your hand. The Ligne2 lighter here is a limited edition collaboration with S.T. Dupont, finished in Palladium, and lacquered in the HODINKEE grey. Each comes with special archival Dupont packaging and that famous “ping” sound when you flick the lighter open. A perfect gift for that distinguished person in your life.

Hamilton Intra-Matic ‘Champagne’

Saori Omura, Senior Manager, HODINKEE Shop

It’s a feat to bring any vintage watch design into a compelling modern package without ruining the proportions or the aesthetics of what it’s meant to be. This Hamilton Intra-Matic “Champagne” dial was a collaboration piece with Hamilton, staying true to the design ethos from that era, and at the same time, making it seamlessly belong in Hamilton’s current catalog. The dial design is minimalistic at a glance. But if you look closer, you will notice some of the clever, subtle details we wanted to have represented in this piece. The elongated hour makers are actually sunken with a pop of silver peeking through, not painted or applied on the surface as is more common. In keeping a harmonious look with the special hour markers, the svelte silver-tone baton hands were chosen for this watch. The shimmery champagne color of the dial leans slightly coppery rosé, which we opted for as an homage to the great vintage salmon-colored dials. This classic watch has a nice balance of masculine and feminine elements, which makes it a perfect gift option with a lot of versatility.

A Man And His Watch

Stephen Pulvirent, Manager of Editorial Products

It’s easy to get tied up in the details of a watch’s movement or the minutiae that sets a special collectible model apart from a more pedestrian variant. But that’s only a small sliver of what watches have to offer. With his book “A Man And His Watch,” Matt Hranek does an outstanding job pushing beyond all of that stuff and getting right to the heart of the matter – what a watch can mean to its owner, the memories it can carry, and the legacy it can help cement. Filled with stories of watches owned by the likes of Ralph Lauren, Paul Newman, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sylvester Stallone, (and our own Ben Clymer), “A Man And His Watch” combines first-person storytelling with incredible photography that really brings the watches to life. This is both a must-read book for anyone who loves watches and a great way to get your watch-curious friend to fall in love with all things horological.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6

TanTan Wang, Merchandising Assistant

As a headphone junkie and self-proclaimed techie, I’ve always appreciated Bang & Olufsen’s products for their intersection between beauty and function. The Beoplay E6 earphones are the perfect example of that, taking cues from the sneaker scene with its unique and modern materials while still maintaining Bang & Olufsen’s iconic build quality that I’ve appreciated over the years. Most importantly, the portability of the design does not sacrifice anything in the sound department. Putting these on is just, well, music to your ears. You’ll find a rich and dynamic sound signature, with excellent bass response, and a very intuitive EQ available on your smartphone to fine-tune the E6 to your taste. Whether this is your first or fifth Bang & Olufsen set, you’re in for an absolute treat.

Mido Ocean Star Tribute

Kaitlin Koch, Marketing Associate

What initially drew me to this watch were the 1960s vibes conjured by the combination of the bright lollipop seconds hand and mod colorway; it’s simply very chic and fun. And having bought my first Mido earlier this year, I can attest to the wearability of the tapered lugs. These make the already well-sized (40.5mm) case even more comfortable, especially for those of us that enjoy a sturdy sport watch but don’t have a large wrist. The day/date window also evokes a retro charm for me, recalling a time when the functionality played an integral role in day-to-day life. While I can appreciate the simplicity of a time-only watch, I’ve never been one to shy away from a date or day/date feature and have found them especially helpful this year to keep track of my schedule while saving me from at least a few glances of my phone.

Victorinox For HODINKEE Swiss Army Knife

Sarah Reid, Advertising Manager

You’d be hard-pressed to find a desk, bedside table, or junk drawer in our house that isn’t home to at least one Swiss Army knife. Literally a jack of all trades, the HODINKEE Swiss Army Knife allows you to feel prepared for anything – even the emergency removal of a watch caseback. With a heritage that surpasses even some of our favorite watch brands, the Swiss Army Knife is a gift that will resonate with both young and old lovers of fine tools.


Chelsea Beeler, Operations Specialist

Now in its seventh volume, HODINKEE Magazine explores the world of horology – and its tangential industries – through a wide lens, making watches accessible to a greater audience than ever before. Previous features include the thrilling saga of Paul Newman’s Paul Newman; an in-depth look at one of the world’s most rare and beautiful Italian sports cars; compelling collector interviews with Jony Ive, Ronnie Fieg, and Mario Carbone (to name a few); and a stunning photoshoot showcasing seven accomplished women from different walks of life. While the features range in subject, exemplary storytelling and outstanding photography are constant. Whether you’re looking to bring newcomers into the fold or supplement a horological veteran’s collection with a volume they may have missed, HODINKEE Magazine is the perfect guide for navigating the vast and exciting world of horology this holiday season, and right now, when you buy three or more, you get 15% off by using the code HMAG15 at checkout. 

Embassy Pen

Aileen McBride, Director of E-Commerce

Have you ever picked up a pen and then been so offended by the lack of weight in your hand that you dropped it, absolutely disgusted by its flimsiness? Well, friend, I’m about to solve all your problems. Meet the Embassy Pen, whose weight, construction, and design demand to be appreciated. Like you, this pen is versatile, sleek, and occasionally confiscated by TSA. The Space Pen Cartridge makes writing underwater or in zero gravity a breeze (hey, you never know!). This pen was destined to initial important documents, doodle in notebook margins, sign obligatory holiday cards, and still survive the countless test runs that I would put it through, desperate to find an orientation that would make the pen fail to write (spoiler: It would never fail).  

G-SHOCK GA2110ET-2A “Casioak” In Blue

Cait Bazemore, Editor, HODINKEE Shop

I didn’t consider myself a watch enthusiast until adulthood, but I remember the year I asked for a G-SHOCK Baby-G for the holidays. It was bold, colorful, and playful – it ticked all the boxes my little-girl heart desired in an accessory. As I grew and, in turn, my taste in watches grew with me, G-SHOCK admittedly fell off my radar. Instead, I got swept away by glitzy, high-profile models (models I could likely never afford), like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (my ultimate grail watch). Then, I discovered G-SHOCK’s GA2100 “Casioak” line – it was the best of both worlds. The hopelessly nostalgic part of me loves the G-SHOCK DNA that shines through in each of their watches, and the unconventional, geometric build of the “Casioak” offers that unusual yet instantly eye-catching appeal I appreciate in models like the Royal Oak, from which the “Casioak” gets its clever nickname. Whether you’re shopping for a die-hard G-SHOCK collector, someone’s first watch, or that particularly sentimental person on your list, the G-SHOCK GA2110ET-2A “Casioak” in Blue fits the bill. 

HODINKEE Spring Bar Tool

James Stacey, Senior Writer

In my line of work, one tends to go through spring bar tools like toothpicks, and most seem to be made to last about as long as a tiny sliver of wood. But not all. A few years ago, I picked up a HODINKEE Spring Bar Tool, and it has been in my kit ever since. Small enough for a bag or a permanent spot on your desk, the trick here is that the tool comes with a cap to cover each end (one for a spring bar fork and one for a pin-pusher tip). So when you’re not using the tool, it can be covered and tucked into its leather holster, not scratching whatever else is in the same bag or leaving you with the occasionally lost tip right when your next strap change is at hand. It’s an elegant solution to a common problem – what more can you ask of a simple tool?

Valet Trays

Brandon Frazin, Vintage Manager

I am a big fan of valet and catch-all trays in general, and the leather ones we offer in the Shop really do the trick. I personally use these leather trays at home and in the office. I have one on my work desk and a couple on my dresser. The nice thing about our large-size ones is that they snap together and can go completely flat, which is perfect for traveling. I don’t know about you, but when I used to travel more, I always tried to travel with something like this. If you know me, you know I love organization. These beautiful leather trays fit the bill and allow me to organize my life (or at least try). In addition, they tend to age nicely and develop a nice worn look.

Watches: A Guide By HODINKEE

Pedro Vidal, Insurance Associate

Whether you’re just starting off on your own watch journey or a seasoned collector, Watches: A Guide By HODINKEE is an essential addition to your horological library while also looking right at home on your coffee table. Spanning the history of watches, each chapter is written by a different HODINKEE editor and explores all types of watches and their purposes. This book is truly a trusty guide through and through, offering historical context and cultural insight on everything from dive and pilot watches to racing and dress watches – not to mention the stellar close-up photography and crisp images.

Massena LAB Uni-Racer

Jeff Hilliard, Retail Director

I’m a big furniture nut and, like watches, authenticity is key when searching for pieces, whether vintage or modern. In furniture, there is almost always something lost in non-authorized reproductions that attempt to recapture the essence of the original design. Think Eames chairs, Noguchi tables, and Jeanneret chairs. While it’s easy to capture the overall look of these iconic designs, what’s lost is the “soul” of the product – the hours and hours of research and design that was poured into them over years. While the Massena LAB’s Uni-Racer Chronograph is, in fact, a tribute to the all-time classic 1960s original, very little feels lost. After handling this watch in the metal, it becomes extremely clear Massena LAB did their homework. From the case design all the way down to the lume placement and the engraved Massena LAB “M” on the crystal, the details are all there in the most faithful way possible. And if you can’t geek out about the watch’s details with the lucky person receiving it, then maybe you should just keep it for yourself? Now, there’s a holiday gifting idea I can get behind.

Springs + Gears Prints

Ben Nunn, Category Manager, Modern Watches

It’s no wonder why many collectors love an exhibition caseback; movements are simply cool to look at, and the attention to detail for each of these iconic calibers is highlighted by the depth that comes with letterpress printing. Watch enthusiasts can appreciate both the intricate mechanical design, as well as the tactile quality of the artwork, and since they have a pretty timeless look overall, they’re versatile in terms of placement in your home or office. Say the collector in your life has a beloved El Primero but is super picky when it comes to straps – this is the perfect way to honor their favorite watch but removes the guesswork that goes with matching a style or fit.

Smooth Leather Watch Pouches

Ashley Kinder, Senior Manager, E-Commerce Operations

These single-watch pouches are some of my favorite accessories available in the HODINKEE Shop. I have at least one on me at all times – they’re the perfect grab-and-go protection for my watches, and I never regret having one (or three) on hand for daily use or short trips. Perhaps my favorite thing about these pouches, though, is their versatility; they safely store watches, jewelry, and other small trinkets. Each pouch also comes with a small leather rectangle to place between the caseback and the strap/bracelet to protect against scratches in transit.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Skin ‘Blue’

Cole Pennington, Editor

Watches don’t always need to be so serious. In fact, the further into the world of horology you go, the more attractive and refreshing a “fun” watch becomes. To me, the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Skin ‘Blue’ is a great example of a watch that’s just plain fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The orange-and-blue lume backs that notion up. Zodiac has plenty of legitimate history and carved out a niche in the ’60s concerning adventure and aquatic pursuits. This watch, to me, is like a good pair of board shorts. You wear them having a beer on the beach or on a dive five fathoms deep.

The Reid Watch Strap In Olive Green

Danis Cespedes, Customer Experience Associate

Here at HODINKEE, we have taken a huge liking to the gold watch on a green strap combination, and I must say, it has won me over as well. In late 2019, my dad showed me an heirloom he received from my late grandfather for the first time: a Longines Five Star Admiral in 18k gold. I was so excited, yet so confused as to why my father had not worn it before. However, after looking at the stiff, disheveled strap, I knew why. For this Christmas, I figured the best thing I can give my father is a brand new watch, without breaking the bank, by investing in a new strap! We all have to agree that, sometimes, all it takes is a change of the strap to feel like you have a brand new watch. The Reid Watch Strap in Olive Green is one of our most versatile and flexible straps. The soft French goat leather and pebbled finish will brighten up a watch’s wear, and it is a wonderful pop of color without straying too far from the neutral tones. Throw in a Silver Spring Bar Tool, and you’ll have the perfect, simple gift that will age well over time.

Still Looking For The Perfect Gift?

This gift guide only delves into a handful of what the HODINKEE Shop has to offer. To take a closer look at our full selection of products, head over to the Shop. No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, we’re sure you’ll find something worth sharing with your watch-collecting loved ones (or yourself!). And if you’re still not quite sure what to get, it’s hard to go wrong with a HODINKEE Shop gift card, a HODINKEE magazine subscription, a membership to the Horological Society of New York, or a Virtual Horological Tutoring Class from our friends at the HSNY. 


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