HODINKEE Radio: Hollywood Prop Master Maria Simonelli Tells Us Why It’s The Watch That Truly Makes The Character

HODINKEE Radio: Hollywood Prop Master Maria Simonelli Tells Us Why It’s The Watch That Truly Makes The Character

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We’ve got a fun, old-school episode for you today. The main event is our own Danny Milton’s conversation with Hollywood prop master Maria Simonelli, who has worked on projects ranging from a slew of Stephen King adaptations to five seasons of Suits to an upcoming Guillermo Del Toro project that she couldn’t tell us too much about. If you think that the prop master’s job is simply to source the objects you see on screen, you are sorely mistaken, and Simonelli shares the finer points with Danny, including how her job has changed over the last few months, given all the new health restrictions. There are plenty of personal anecdotes that you’ll want to stick around for, but Simonelli also explains to Danny why she thinks watches are so personal and so important to properly developing a character.

Before that, I sit down with Jack and James to get an inside look at some of the best stories from the last few weeks. We’ve got an obituary written in tribute to an aviation giant, the story of a racing legend and his extremely elegant chronograph, and a deep dive into one of history’s more esoteric timekeepers. It’s exactly what you want from a HODINKEE editors’ chat – lots of watch nerdery and a healthy dose of giving each other a hard time.

We hope you enjoy Episode 116 of HODINKEE Radio. Be sure to check out the show notes, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Wrist Check

Simonelli loves collecting souvenirs from the films she works on, but not the flashy stuff – no, she prefers to find something left behind that nobody else wanted as a keepsake, and then to take it for herself. This Casio watch might seem cool and unassuming at first, but it has one hell of a story. It was used in IT: Chapter One. Simonelli worked on the sequel, IT: Chapter Two, and found this watch as she prepared for production – she’s enjoyed wearing it ever since as a reminder of the fun, intense experience of working on that set.

Show Notes

(3:00) Culture Of Time: RIP Chuck Yeager, The Man Who Broke The Sound Barrier

(9:10) Found: Carroll Shelby’s Prize Patek Philippe From The 1959 24 Hours Of Le Mans

(14:00) Ford v Ferrari

(14:05) Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans

(18:00) Culture Of Time: Chess Clocks, Time, And ‘The Queen’s Gambit’

(26:45) The Expanse

(28:45) Star Trek: Discovery

(31:30) Grand Seiko

(38:30) How Wes Anderson Made The Royal Tenenbaums

(40:15) Shazam!

(41:30) Suits

(41:35) IT: Chapter Two


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