In The Shop – In The Shop: Nine New G-SHOCKs To Help You End 2020 On a High Note

In The Shop – In The Shop: Nine New G-SHOCKs To Help You End 2020 On a High Note

You thought we were done for the year? Not. Just. Yet. We’ve got one more exciting group of watches to share with you before we close the door on 2020 and begin looking ahead to all the exciting new releases that 2021 is sure to bring. For this year’s final HODINKEE Shop update, we wanted to showcase a brand that’s remained close to our wrists all year long. It’s G-SHOCK, and today, we have nine brand-new watches we’d like to share with you that range from intriguing variants of the brand’s entry-level 5600 “square,” all the way up to the ultra high-end MT-G and MR-G series.

It was only in April that the HODINKEE Shop became an Authorized G-SHOCK Retailer. It was a moment many of our team members had been waiting on for years, because there’s really no substitute when it comes to a brand like G-SHOCK. And this year, the Japanese company emphasized its diverse approach to watchmaking and design in countless ways. There was the introduction of the new G-SHOCK Move, which was the first G-SHOCK to include an integrated optical heart-rate sensor. And there was also the expansion of the G-LIDE collection, with the new GBX100 models that brought G-SHOCK’s highly anticipated memory-in-pixel (MIP) LCD display to more people than ever before. You had the inaugural all-analog Frogman, which gave the brand’s trademark dive watch a breath of fresh air (more on that below), as well as new takes on the fan-favorite octagonal GA2110 series (see here and here). 

And there were limited editions – so many limited editions. We saw watches inspired by Tai-Chi, in addition to one influenced by the atmospheric phenomenon known as Volcanic Lightning. There were G-SHOCKs that seemed to be taken straight out of The Matrix, as well as a new take on the iconic “square” G-SHOCK, now refreshed in titanium and blue camouflage. Of course, there was also a G-SHOCK that we had a hand in bringing to life, alongside our friend John Mayer, and that we showed to you just last week. It was a banner year for G-SHOCK, and we’ve got nine more watches to highlight here today – some limited, some not; all exceptional in their own way – that will help you, and us, cross the finish line into 2021.

The New G-SHOCK MTG-B2000 Collection

G-SHOCK has continued to place an emphasis on the development of its higher-end collections in recent years. These are watches that blend the brand’s longtime hardwearing design ethos with premium materials and an enhanced suite of functions. Central to this strategy has been the gradual expansion of the MT-G series, which debuted over 20 years ago as a home for the company to experiment with the use of various metals in hybrid G-SHOCK construction (the “MT” stands for “Metal Twisted”). The 2018 release – and subsequent strong performance – of the MTG-B1000 was the most compelling proof yet of G-SHOCK’s growth in the four-figure category. Its combination of case finishing, enhanced user functionality, and use of premium materials helped it stand out against other G-SHOCK models, as well as similarly priced watches of all types. It helped signal the dawn of a new era for G-SHOCK, and recently, the brand showed us the latest evolution in the collection with the MTG-B2000.

The MTG-B2000 watches are a worthy successor to the B1000 models in every way – they take what made the earlier watches so great, and advance them further in all directions. The stainless steel bezel is now 12-sided instead of round, and it’s been finished with either a blue or black IP-coating. The angles of the case construction are cleaner as a whole, with sharp facets that feature an attractive mirror-polished finish. Where the previous MT-G watches were noted for their application of G-SHOCK’s proprietary Carbon Core Guard case construction, G-SHOCK has iterated on the formula to create a new Dual Core Guard design that retains the monocoque Carbon Core Guard interior, but surrounds it with a stainless steel frame for even greater protection and resistance to impacts. Aesthetically, this results in a smoother case profile without the presence of protruding resin components. An increase in the amount of resin mixed into the watch’s interior, however, does result in the MTG-B2000 watches measuring up to 15 percent lighter than their predecessors.

The dial layout is now more streamlined as well, which improves the overall user interface by allowing for greater legibility of the sub-dial displays. This reformatted design comes courtesy of a new inner movement module with three dual-coil motors, a first-time application for the MT-G collection that enables the hands to be adjusted quicker and for improved reception of radio wave time-calibration signals, for when the watch is synced to the G-SHOCK Connected App. While the aesthetics and construction are new and improved, the overall feature set remains mostly the same as previous versions of the MT-G, including Tough Solar charging, Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping, and Bluetooth connectivity.

And the best news? Despite the obvious upgrades in design, materials, and wearability, the new MTG-B2000 models don’t come at any premium compared to the previous MTG-B1000. The G-SHOCK MTG-B2000B-1A2 with a blue IP-coated bezel on a resin strap is priced at $ 950, and the MTG-B2000D-1A on a layered composite resin bracelet is available for $ 1,000. Take a closer look now in the HODINKEE Shop.

The G-SHOCK MTG-B1000WLP-1A Python Limited Edition

If you prefer the rounded form factor of the MTG-B1000 series compared to the new, more angular MTG-B2000 design, you’re in luck. G-SHOCK is planning on keeping both models in production, side by side, and just released a new limited edition of the MTG-B1000 to prove it: meet the G-SHOCK MTG-B1000WLP-1A Python. Now, if you’re currently in double-take mode, trying to piece together the product title and the image below, we don’t blame you. Yes, this is a G-Shock rocking a snakeskin suit. And, yes, it’s just as incredible in the metal as it looks. 

The MTG-B1000WLP-1A Python Limited Edition is actually the latest in a series of collaborations between G-SHOCK and Wildlife Promising, an NPO committed to preserving Africa’s natural flora and fauna. G-SHOCK has a long-running history of supporting various environmental causes, and the MTG-B1000WLP-1A Python Limited Edition is dedicated to spreading awareness for the African rock python, a constrictor that ranks as the continent’s largest native snake. 

The MTG-B1000WLP1 carries forward its reptilian inspiration through a laser-etched case, bezel, and bracelet that mimics the African rock python’s scaly skin in an alternating pattern of brown, black, and gold. The dial is a soft grey with red accents, a reference to the snake’s tongue, while the triangular hand located in the nine o’clock sub-dial references the head of the python. Other than the unique colorway and exterior finish, the MTG-B1000WLP-1A has an identical movement module to other MTG-B1000 models, which means the same combination of features. Available for a limited time only, the MTG-B1000WLP1 Python is priced at $ 1,300 and can be purchased here

The G-SHOCK MRG-B2000SH Shougeki-Maru Rising Dragon Limited Edition

If you’ve spent any amount of time hanging out on the HODINKEE Shop’s G-SHOCK homepage over the past few weeks, you might have noticed this watch pop up. This is the latest release in G-SHOCK’s top-of-the-line MR-G collection, the Shougeki-Maru Rising Dragon Limited Edition. Limited to only 400 pieces worldwide, the watch is inspired by the traditional kabuto helmets worn by ancient Japanese samurai, and it features a hand-engraved titanium bezel and a rich case finish that recalls rusted steel. We sold out of our initial allocation in a matter of days, and we’ve just received another small batch to offer to you today. 

G-SHOCK tapped multiple master craftsmen to create each individual watch in this limited series. First, a 15th-generation Japanese artisan named Masanao Kikuchi finished the forged titanium bezel and bracelet using a combination of a sand die, brushes, and misting tools to produce the “rusted steel” finish. Then, G-SHOCK worked with a third-generation metalsmith named Masao Kobayashi to decorate Kikuchi’s frame with hand-carved imagery of a dragon, which evokes the design of an ancient crest on a kabuto helmet. The watch then goes through a deep hardening process and is finished with ion-plated layers of brown and blue, creating a unique hue that is reminiscent of the odoshi-ito fabric used to string samurai armor plates together. Finally, a heat treatment allows the titanium case to develop a distinctive crystallized pattern. It’s because of the intricate artistry and hand finishing found on all 400 examples of the MRG-B2000SH that each watch can be considered one of a kind. The Shougeki-Maru Rising Dragon Limited Edition is priced at $ 8,000, and you can learn more right here.

The G-SHOCK GWFA1000BRT-1 Frogman Borneo Rainbow Toad Limited Edition

G-SHOCK is paying equal respect to amphibians as it is reptiles this year, with the release of a limited edition version of its new, fully analog Frogman dive watch that celebrates the Borneo rainbow toad. This colorful little toad was thought to be extinct up until 2011, when it was rediscovered by a team of herpetologists; the last time it was identified in the wild was 1924. The GWFA1000BRT-1 brings the Borneo rainbow toad’s defining colors to life through a rainbow IP-coated bezel and multi-color sub-dials and hands. The bezel even features a unique textured finish that mimics the warty skin of the rare Southeast Asian amphibian, which is further protected by clear resin bezel guards. Thanks to the unique rainbow IP-coating process, every example of the GWFA1000BRT-1 is unique.

This is the first limited-edition take on G-SHOCK’s new-for-2020 Frogman, which features the long-running collection’s first-ever fully analog dial. It also comes with all the impressive specifications you’d expect of a premium G-SHOCK dive watch, with Carbon Core Guard construction, a sapphire crystal, Tough Solar charging, Multi-Band 6 automatic timekeeping, Bluetooth connectivity, and a tide graph display. And though it might not look like it at first glance, this Frogman is certified as a dive watch to the ISO-6425 standard, despite the absence of a traditional unidirectional bezel to measure elapsed time underwater.

G-SHOCK worked around standard dive watch convention by developing a special, proprietary “Dive Mode” for the watch that needs to be engaged prior to use. When Dive Mode is enabled, the central hour and minute hands adjust their position until the minute hand rests directly on top of the hour hand, and both are aligned at 12 o’clock. This new display visually functions as a single minute hand, which can then be used to easily track elapsed time while in the water and during decompression stops. While all this is happening, the current time remains visible in the eight o’clock sub-dial (which usually serves as a second time-zone display). This entire process allows for at-a-glance legibility and a more intuitive way of measuring time underwater. 

A few of our favorite aspects of the new Frogman Borneo Rainbow Toad Limited Edition are the small details, which help the watch stand out as a true G-SHOCK collector’s piece even more than it already does with its vibrant hue. The caseback features a unique take on the typical Frogman mascot, with dotted skin that reflects the rainbow toad’s famous warts and an extra-long tongue. The GWFA1000BRT-1 is delivered inside an attractive, unique box with a multi-color display that hammers home the model’s rainbow elements. A limited edition, non-numbered release for winter 2020, the latest Frogman release is priced at $ 1,100 and can be purchased, while supplies last, right here.

The G-SHOCK GRB200RAF-8A Gravitymaster Royal Air Force Limited Edition

After a camouflage-equipped Mudmaster was released earlier this year, the new Gravitymaster Royal Air Force Limited Edition is the second watch to be introduced as part of G-SHOCK’s formal relationship as official watch supplier to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence. Designed in collaboration with the famed Royal Air Force – who, as you might be aware, boast quite the history of wearing noteworthy watches in flight – the new Gravitymaster features a stealthy grey colorway distinguished by a bezel lined with carbon fiber inserts and a dual analog-digital display with turquoise accents. G-SHOCK says the low-key grey tones of the Gravitymaster are inspired by the Eurofighter Typhoon plane. 

The watch utilizes a robust Carbon Core Guard construction that enables greater resistance to shocks, impacts, and vibrations – necessities for any pilot. As part of the greater Master of G collection, the Gravitymaster also features G-SHOCK’s Quad Sensor technology, which means it offers up a thermometer, an altimeter and barometer, a digital compass, and a step counter, which can track calories burned by analyzing the amount of steps taken and data from the built-in altimeter. All this information can be easily indicated via the six o’clock digital window, without disturbing the central analog timekeeping display.

As a commemorative limited edition with the Royal Air Force, the official RAF logo appears on the keeper of the strap, and the strap itself is printed with the RAF’s motto of “Per ardua ad astra,” or “Through adversity to the stars.” The Gravitymaster is also delivered with a special presentation box, in which the inner case can double as a display stand for the watch. The Gravitymaster is priced at $ 370 and is available now in the HODINKEE Shop.

The G-SHOCK Skeleton Camouflage Collection

The final group of G-SHOCKs landing in the HODINKEE Shop today are a trio of classic pieces that form the new Skeleton Camouflage collection. Each watch is based on one of G-SHOCK’s most popular models, including the “square” 5600 series, the “three-eyed” 6900, and the analog-digital GM110. All three watches feature stainless steel-capped bezels and a discreet camouflage pattern that stretches from the semi-translucent resin straps to the dials and metal bezels themselves. 

The metal-capped bezels are individually forged, cut, and polished, before being laser-treated to receive the camouflage pattern. While the images above and below give off the impression that this threesome might be low-key or matte on the wrist, the fine polishing reflects the light in between the dotted camouflage finish, providing all three watches with a unique glowing character unlike any other G-SHOCK out there. It’s something you really have to see in the metal to appreciate, but once you do, you won’t be able to take it off your wrist.

As a more accessible alternative to the best-selling “Full Metal” series, the new Skeleton Camouflage models offer a stylish and unique take on three of the best-known G-SHOCKs of all time. The GM5600 and GM6900 variants are priced at $ 210 each, and the GM110 example is available for $ 230. 

Enter The World Of G-SHOCK In The HODINKEE Shop

Nine new G-SHOCKs are now available in the HODINKEE Shop – and that’s in addition to the 30+ models we already have listed online. We truly believe there’s a G-SHOCK out there for everyone. From unconventional limited production pieces to contemporary takes on G-SHOCK’s most tenured and well-known models, it’s all there – go ahead and discover your new go-to G-SHOCK in the HODINKEE Shop today

Interested in receiving your new watch before the holidays? Make sure to review the HODINKEE Shop’s 2020 holiday shipping deadlines right here.


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