Recommended Reading: The Captivating Restoration Of A Water-Damaged Rolex

Recommended Reading: The Captivating Restoration Of A Water-Damaged Rolex

For a Rolex redemption story set to a half-hour of smooth tunes, do yourself a favor and watch the video below, brought to the world by the YouTube channel Master Watchmaker. I was not aware of this channel or this specific video until the good folks at Time+Tide posted about it here, but I’m glad they did as, at least within the world of watch enthusiasm, the video is both wholesome and entirely entertaining. 

Originally posted in November of last year, the video already has more than 1.75M views and, once I clicked play, I could not stop watching. Presented with a jazzy soundtrack and without any voice-over, Australian watchmaker Nicholas Hacko opens up a severely water-damaged Rolex GMT-Master II and proceeds to slowly tear the watch down to its cruddy component parts, clean it all up, and then put it back together again. Like a sort of visual ASMR, I found the video to be riveting and very calming as it mixes the fun of seeing a specialized skill set put to work with the shock of just how much damage the water did to the various parts of the movement.   

There’s always a special buzz when a forgotten mechanical device is shown some love and brought back to life. If you’ve got a spare 30 minutes, you can feel it too. 

Lead image via Master Watchmaker’s YouTube channel


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