Sunday Rewind: Thierry Stern’s Stubborn Stance On Stainless Steel

Sunday Rewind: Thierry Stern’s Stubborn Stance On Stainless Steel

We broke the news that the Patek Philippe Ref. 5711/1A-010 Nautilus had been discontinued on Friday, and predictably, people had plenty of thoughts on the matter. 

But the signs were there all along. When Joe Thompson had some one-on-one time with Thierry Stern in 2019, Stern gave Joe some insight into his fears that steel might come to define the brand, saying, “I have to be very tough on the quantity [of steel watches]. I don’t want steel taking over the lead in the whole collection.” Patek Philippe is a family-owned high house of horology, and with that position comes the power to make decisions that protect the brand’s long-term growth. Could Stern have upped the production of stainless steel sport watches and cashed in on the trend? Maybe. But that’s not proper stewardship of a 181-year legacy. 

Remember, firms like Patek Philippe think in decades, not fiscal years or quarterly performance. Check out Joe Thompson’s stellar reporting on how Patek Philippe makes product line decisions below. 

Click here to read “Why Patek Philippe’s Thierry Stern Is Stubborn About Steel.”


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