The Timex Q Returns in Three New Colors

The Timex Q Returns in Three New Colors

Here at Worn & Wound, we’re pretty big fans of the Timex Q. When it first hit the watch scene in the summer of 2019, it was a genuine watch-nerd sensation. It sold out frequently, and traded for over retail on the secondary market. At the time, the jokes about the Q and Rolex steel sports models being equally tough to get practically wrote themselves. Things have calmed down a bit since then. While the Q has lost none of its charm, the hype has died down as the watch has become a staple in the Timex lineup, with seemingly endless variants popping up on a regular basis. We’ve seen the Q in new colors, as a collaborative project with Todd Snyder, with Snoopy on the dial, and it even spawned an automatic look-alike. That’s a lot of juice for a simple quartz watch, and today we have word of the next series of Qs about to make their debut. 

There are three new Qs set to be released later this month, and each remains firmly planted in that late 70s, early 80s time period that the watch’s design recalls so fondly. The new Q Timex Color Series consists of a stainless steel variant with a black dial and black rotating bezel, a version coated entirely in a black finish with a matching black dial, and a sunny gold tone finished Q with a blue bezel and dial. 

Specs remain exactly the same as prior versions. The case measures 38mm across and is water resistant to 50 meters, and the crystal is period correct acrylic. The bracelet is of the woven steel variety and is chintzy in exactly the right way – strangely satisfying and lightweight, making for an easy wearing experience. Most importantly, and obviously, the Q retains a simple quartz movement with a day-date display at 3:00, and a battery hatch on the caseback. Note to other brands: we like the hatch, give us more hatches on quartz watches! 

Also important: the Q is still affordable. The most simple stainless steel version seen here will sell for $ 179, with the gold and black coated Qs retailing for $ 189. These new versions of the Q are scheduled to launch on March 24. Timex

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