Watch Spotting: Madonna Wearing A Kronoform Robot Watch (1984)

Watch Spotting: Madonna Wearing A Kronoform Robot Watch (1984)

The year is 1984. Apple has released its first computer. Tetris is invented. The Karate Kid is the movie to see. I am not even born yet. And Madonna is still a girl in New Yawk whose hit single, “Like a Virgin,” is at the top of the charts. Life is weird, but man, it’s good (so I’m told).

Image Courtesy: Ken Regan/Camera 5 via Contour by Getty Images

Here we have pre-Madge Madonna on the cover of People magazine in 1984 wearing not much but a bra and a watch. And what watch is that? Why, it’s a Takara Kronoform Robot Time Machine. A bit of a random choice for the decade’s most important female pop star, but a super deep cut if you are into Transformers.

This piece was made by the Japanese toy manufacturer Takara (distributed by Hasbro in the US) and had a removable watch/Transformer on the rubber strap. It sold for around $ 12.93 in the U.S. at the time. If you want to learn more about this particular model, you can watch this very informative YouTube video. If you want to tell us who else’s 1980s watch you’d like us to spot, you can leave your nominee in the comments.


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