Sunday Rewind: The Rolex Two-Tone Tool Watch

Sunday Rewind: The Rolex Two-Tone Tool Watch

We are fresh off ’80s week, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still top of mind. We covered the movies, the culture, the music, and the watches from the tubular decade – everything from Casio to a Tissot Rock Watch to, of course, two-tone. While the ’80s undoubtedly made two-tone a star, many modern releases show that it isn’t dead. In fact, you could make the argument it’s making a small comeback.

Enter this Hands-On from a couple of years back with a release from Rolex nobody saw coming: A two-tone Sea-Dweller. That’s right: Rolex’s most toolish tool-watch got the bi-metal treatment, and our own James Stacey was there to break it all down, with some stellar images to boot. This watch is a great example of how the best days of two-tone may yet be ahead of us.

Click here to read: Hands-On The Rolex Sea-Dweller In Two-Tone ‘Rolesor’ Steel And Yellow Gold Ref. 126603


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