In The Shop – In The Library: A Charming Collection Of Coffee Table Reads

In The Shop – In The Library: A Charming Collection Of Coffee Table Reads

We’re a community of watch lovers, without a doubt, but we have other interests too. We’re a multifaceted bunch with an eye for the same beauty we see in watches in all facets of our lives. That’s precisely why you’re going to start seeing some expansion of the titles within the HODINKEE Shop Library.

Don’t worry; you’ll still get your fill of watch-centric books, like Reverso, Independent Watchmakers, and Bond: Photographed by Terry O’Neill. In addition, for those with an eye for design, a taste for wine, a dream to return to international travel, or a love of cars, get excited – we certainly are. Today, we’re bringing you 11 new books that are bound to become permanent fixtures of your coffee table.

Plus, if you’re looking for another handsome example of storytelling and photography beyond books, we have a special promotion running for the HODINKEE Magazine: 10% off for three volumes, 15% off for four volumes, or 20% off for five or more volumes. No matter which publication you choose from the Shop, it’s sure to fit seamlessly into the thoughtfully curated life you’ve designed.

For The Design Buff

We’re welcoming three new titles to the Shop for those whose appreciation of expert design spans beyond what they wear on their wrist: Modern Residences, RIMOWA, and Artisans in Architecture & Interior Design

Our personal favorite is Artisans in Architecture & Interior Design, which illustrates the role that thoughtfully sourced materials and expert craftsmanship can play in defining an exceptional space. In this book, you’ll discover how it’s neither the artisan nor the materials alone that make a space. It’s the way in which a craftsman utilizes a particular material or even juxtaposes materials that create the personality of any given space. Through 200 color illustrations, you’ll be guided through a curated collection of projects from around the world that highlight the art of interior spaces, from architecture to design, with a particular focus on the finishing touches that subtly punctuate a space to make it stand out from the rest.

For The Epicurean

Nothing pairs better with a fine timepiece than a fine wine. We’d match one of our new titles, Cape Winelands, with a dive watch or something that lends itself to a coastal vibe. Over 40 years ago, Peter De Leeuw’s father took a gamble on importing South African wines to Belgium. Today, Peter carries on the tradition of their namesake brand Kaapwijn Import De Leeuw, which represents the finest selection of South African wines from the country’s top wineries.

In Cape Winelands, Peter has partnered with the internationally acclaimed photographer Henk van Cauwenbergh and André Morgenthal, one of the country’s leading wine specialists and founder of South African “wine tourism,” to venture throughout the cape and capture the beauty and history that makes South Africa’s wine country so unique and alluring. Cape Winelands takes you along for the journey on your own personal tour through a combination of captivating photographs and rich text distilling the narrative of these sensational wineries.

For The Wanderlust

I don’t know about you, but I’m itching to get another stamp on my passport as soon as I can. But for now, I’ll have to settle for a journey overseas through one of our two new additions to the Shop: Graanmarkt 13, set in Belgium, and Bernd Gruber, set in Germany.

I’m feeling like a trip to a port city, so let’s make our way through Graanmarkt 13. Nestled in a renovated townhouse in the heart of Antwerp lies Graanmarkt 13, a multi-floor concept store, restaurant, and hotel/event space. This namesake book serves as a homage to the beautiful city of Antwerp while documenting how Graanmarkt 13 has become a mecca for those seeking how to master the art of living well. In Graanmarkt 13, the founders of the cult lifestyle magazine CEREAL, Rich Stapleton and Rosa Park, bring to life the story of this one-of-a-kind destination through a series of interviews and a combination of 280 color and black and white photographs. Here, you’ll traverse through each unique floor of Graanmarkt 13, unraveling the story of this multifaceted and celebrated location that’s the brainchild of Ilse Cornelissens and Tim Van Geloven.

For The Autophile

Watches and cars have a long history together and so do watch enthusiasts and car enthusiasts. If Porsche is your brand of choice, we have not one but two books for you: 111 Porsche Stories That You Should Know and the sequel, 111 More Porsche Stories That You Should Know. What came first – the 911 or the Beetle? Which Porsche racing car set every world record in the very year it was first presented in racing at Monza? And who – or what – is “Sascha?” You’ll find these answers and more in 111 Porsche Stories That You Should Know.

Over the course of 304 pages and 150 color illustrations, you’ll learn the tales of secret prototypes and other inside stories that have never been told. Organized by theme rather than chronologically, 111 Porsche Stories That You Should Know allows you to explore what you enjoy most, whether that’s racing drivers, Porsche artwork, key figures from the brand, or simply the most amazing tracks. Within each of these sections, you’ll find an easily digestible narrative coupled with supporting imagery that brings each story to life. Then, the brand brings you double the fun with 111 more stories of the Stuttgart brand. Once again authored by New Zealand native Wilfried Müller, who has written about cars, the experts who design them, and the daredevils who drive them for over three decades, you’ll find the stories of those on every end of the spectrum, from the racecar cockpit to the executive floors of the Stuttgart factory. Each anecdote uncovers a new layer of the world of Porsche, including tales from 10,000-mile rallies, of Porsches that were never built, and so much more. Together, this duo of books makes for the ultimate collector’s companion.

For The Horologically Inclined

Last, but certainly not least, we have three new titles to expand your horological library as well as a restock of the popular Richard Mille book. Of these exciting new additions, we’re over the moon for one in particular: Reverso. This year marks the remarkable 90th anniversary of one of the most innovative watches ever created: the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. Nearly a century later, this watch remains in a category of its own and is well worth celebrating. This commemorative book, Reverso, is the perfect way to do so. Through the course of 200 pages, with 150 rich illustrations, Reverso traces the storied lineage of the model and its significance in horological history.

Here, noted author, historian, journalist, and horological specialist Nicholas Foulkes takes us on a journey beginning with the Reverso’s inception in 1931, inspired by the height of the Art Deco movement and the purely utilitarian needs of polo players. Yet, somehow, this very specifically crafted model has transcended this particular place in time to become one of the most instantly recognizable and highly coveted watch designs ever made, representing the eternal expression of modernity and creativity. For instance, simply take the once-practical blank slate of the reverse side that quickly became a canvas for enamelwork, gem setting, and custom engravings. However, Reverso isn’t simply a chronicle of various calibers and dial configurations. It places the Reverso in context with social and cultural changes that ultimately shaped its invention and continuous reinvention, including stories of Reverso owners themselves.

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To learn more about some of the other titles mentioned here or peruse previous volumes of HODINKEE Magazine you may have missed, now at a discount, go take a spin through the newly refreshed HODINKEE Shop Library.

We think you’ll find something you’ll like that will make the perfect addition to your bookshelf or coffee table.


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