Sunday Rewind: Why You Need To Be Paying Attention To Citizen Right Now

Sunday Rewind: Why You Need To Be Paying Attention To Citizen Right Now

A little over a week ago, Citizen announced its latest collection of watches, including the eye-catching Citizen Mechanical Caliber 0200, with its brand new movement and decidedly contemporary styling. It’s a very different kind of watch from what we’ve seen the brand creating over the past few years, and it’s one that collectors everywhere should take note of. But, if you dig back in the HODINKEE archive, you’ll notice that our own Joe Thompson read the tea leaves back in 2019, penning this incredible piece on why Citizen would be a serious brand-to-watch as it entered its second century of watchmaking. As usual, Joe was way ahead of the curve.

The crux of Joe’s argument is that good things come to those who wait. When celebrating its 100th anniversary, Citizen opted for a relatively restrained approach, at least in comparison to what most watch brands do for big birthdays. But Joe urged patience. He spoke with the company’s CEO, outside experts, and more, and he urged us to look to the future for big news from the Japanese powerhouse. It looks like the future is here – and a look back at Joe’s prescient words seem more than appropriate.

Click here to read “In-Depth: Citizen Starts Its Second Century.”


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